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What Was That Like

Society-and-culture • True-crime

First-hand true stories - a plane crash, a mass shooting, a bear attack, a train derailing, and more. The guest tells us exactly what happened, and answers the question, What Was That Like?

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95: Amy's office was bombed

Dec 3 • 01:17:58
On the morning of April 19, 1995, a former US Army soldier parked a rented Ryder truck in front of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building, located in downtown Oklahoma City.

Inside the truck was everything he needed to carry out his plan of terrorism and mass murder. He had a large bomb, which he created using agricultural fertilizer and some chemicals, including diesel fuel....

94: Barbie's dog was stolen

Nov 19 • 50:22
As I walk or bike through my neighborhood, one of the saddest things I often see is a flyer stuck to a telephone pole or electric pole, telling about a lost dog.

We have a couple of little dogs, Lilly and Fenway. They’re both Yorkies. And believe me, they are family. I can’t imagine the stress and anxiety and sadness if we suddenly discovered one of them were missing.

So tha...


Nov 8 • 06:16
During the 1-900 number craze of the Nineties, one company provided the vast majority of phone sex. American Telnet was an empire founded by the man who called himself “The Telephone Pimp.” He ran the company “like General Motors” and got filthy rich doing it. But for the (mostly) women who answered the calls and delivered fantasies 24-7, it was a different story. The powe...

93: Brook lost a leg to a shark

Nov 5 • 01:09:32
Few things are scarier than being attacked by a shark.

Australian Mick Fanning was in a professional surfing competition, which was being broadcast live around the world. Viewers watched as a shark approached him and he was quickly rescued by nearby safety crews – the only damage was the leash that connected him to his surfboard had been chewed through.

In 1963, Rodney Fox w...

92: Andrew head-on crashed his snowmobile

Oct 22 • 01:00:21
I’ve lived in places where the winter is really cold. Personally, I can say I prefer to live here in Florida, where it’s usually relatively warm. 

I don’t miss shoveling snow, or driving on roads that are icy, and it’s been a long time since my fingers and toes felt numb from the cold temperatures. I know some people prefer a colder climate, and I’m fine with that. The worl...

91: Bonus episode - Childbirth Stories

Oct 15 • 01:11:53
This is a bonus episode of What Was That Like.

If this were a regular episode, you’d be hearing someone telling a story of how they survived a mass shooting, or when they got attacked by a grizzly bear, or that time they won $100,000 on Wheel of Fortune. We have guests on with all kinds of crazy stories, and they tell exactly what happened, first hand.

But this episode is di...

90: Emily was a surrogate

Oct 8 • 01:10:04
We live in a pretty amazing time. Private citizens are going to outer space, cars are able to drive themselves to places without a human, all kinds of crazy things that our grandparents would never have imagined. I love hearing about the advances in science and technology.

And what we’re talking about today might seem like it’s always been around, but it’s actually fairly n...

89: Alex was trapped under an ATV

Sep 24 • 01:04:14
Do you have a best friend?

I have a best friend. His name is Tim. He and I grew up together in Ohio. We went to the same school, same church, we would sleep over at each other’s house all the time. And we each have younger brothers, and they were also good friends, and our parents were really close as well. 

Of course I’m in Florida now, and Tim still lives up in Ohio. We ha...

Badlands Season 2: Sportsland

Sep 22 • 06:36
BADLANDS is a true-crime anthology podcast from Jake Brennan, creator and host of the award-winning music and true crime podcast DISGRACELAND. 

BADLANDS Season 2: Sportsland is all about the shocking rise and fall of sports legends. Listen each week for wild stories about Mike Tyson, Oscar Pistorius, Aaron Hernandez, Evel Knievel, Tonya Harding, Pete Rose, Sonny Liston, Spi...

88: Tim lost friends on September 11

Sep 10 • 01:11:54
Most adults remember where they were on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

In New York City, there were some thunderstorms the night before, but that day, 9/11, had started out beautiful and sunny, with clear skies. 

Then people started noticing that some large passenger planes were flying too low.

When the first building was hit, there was confusion. Even the office...

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