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What The Folklore?

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A comedy podcast that exposes the absurd side of folklore. Each week we read a story, fix plotholes and create new ones, and invent unintended connections between tales.

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Episode 314: Ancient Chinese NaNoWriMo

Nov 23 • 56:09

Whoops! Damn-near went a whole year with no Monkey King in it! What a tragedy that would've been! Thankfully, Grimoire Highwind has returned to us, to remind us all of the reason for the season

Episode 313: Our Own Special Club Called "Dignity"

Nov 16 • 46:17

We are awash in life-lessons this week on WTFolklore, as we read The Special Platypus, an Australian tale that provides us with further intel into the interpersonal lives of the humble Platypod. We also learn about healthy boundaries, who does and doesn't need the approval of a titmouse, and just how much thinks it's worth

Episode 312: Artisinal Small-Batch Crimes

Nov 2 • 46:03

This week on WTFolklore, we read The Charcoal Maker Who Became King, a Filipino tale. It's quite helpful in elucidating for us the qualities that birds and fairies each look for in a king. Either way, murder is usually involved.

Episode 311: Spooky is the Color of Our Energy

Oct 26 • 56:22

For the finale of What the Spooklore 2021, we head over to Korea to learn about hobgoblins, goblins, and additional haunted houses. We also attend a pretty rad Demon open house, with parkour and dogs and even brooms! (They're just brooms, though)

Episode 310: My Three Dogs: It Knows, It Knows and It Knows

Oct 12 • 56:59

What the Spooklore 2021 continues this week with two tales from Appalachia. We're reading about Tailypo and The Bell Witch, though we did give a decidedly meatier spin to that second one.

Episode 309: Spookweather Friends

Oct 5 • 55:12

What the Spooklore 2021 begins! We're not reading a singular story this week, but three tales about various haunted locations around New Orleans! Is there a surprise visit from our friend and yours the Spooktralizer? listen and find out!

Episode 308: It's Hip to be Crab

Sep 28 • 45:23

This week we're reading Dr. Know-All, which is Grimm Tale #98. Or it could've been the Griww brothers, accounts vary.  We hypothesize it may have been the origin of the farce, as well as the evolutionary junction for humans towards crabs.

Episode 307: Glistening Ab Hologram of Your Dad's Approval

Sep 21 • 57:16

This week we're reading The Devil and the Guachinango from the Philippines,  and given that title, you'd probably never guess which of those characters we find more sympathetic. Who are we kidding, if you've listened to the previous 306 episodes you've probably got a good idea

Episode 306: Of Mermaids and Murderers

Sep 14 • 59:24

This week we're reading The Fisherman, which, i'm sure you surmised, given the title of the episode. I mean, what else could an episode title like that imply??

Episode 305: Living in an Unsustainable Paradigm While a Rabbit Teaches You Math and Evil

Aug 31 • 01:06:34

This week we're reading The Candy Cottage, which is some flagrant Fairy propaganda, if we've ever seen any (and we have)

But first, did you know about the strange connection between Holes and Donnie Darko? You will, after the first twenty minutes of this week's show......

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