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Caitlin Kelley hosts an unapologetic comedic podcast in which she interviews a mix of friends and creative professionals to learn about a specific business, phenomenon, or person. Each guest will be challenged to face the same underlying question: how do we manage the anxiety of our 20s withoutRead more

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Ckny & Dfarella: Best Flans

Dec 1 • 53:41

Today I am joined by IG/Twitter sensation and very close friend Dylan Farella (@dfarella). We get into all sorts of nonsense in this in person, NSFW episode, including his sexual preferences, catfish experience, why he's enjoying being single at 30, and so much more. Check him out @dfarella and keep an eye out for more joint content from us both. Follow Caitlin @ckny1213 a...

F*ck Up The Industry ft. Leah Kate

Nov 24 • 50:26

Today I am joined by singer songwriter Leah Kate. Leah and I discuss how after moving back to her native LA and getting creative during the pandemic, she was able to hustle and get her song "F*ck Up The Friendship" to be used by some of the top TikTok creators in the game. She now boasts of 70 million plus streams and has a full EP out called "What Just Happened." The titl...

Momma's Boys, Staten Island, and the Pete Davidson Effect ft. Jared Schwartz

Nov 17 • 01:15:10

Today I am joined by comedian and co-host of the OnlyFeehans podcast Jared Schwartz. We talk about a ton of shit, including but not limited to his comedy career, his new-ish ADHD diagnosis, dating when you live in Staten Island with your mom, open relationships, bar and bat mitzvahs, his voiceover work, and more. This episode is very silly and flows so well, as it is one o...

Almost 30 x What The F*ck's Up Podcast

Nov 10 • 01:20:21

Today I am joined by the ladies who need no introduction-- Krista and Lindsey of the Almost 30 podcast. Almost 30 was one of the first podcasts I turned to when researching podcasts and the theme of navigating your 20s, so to have them on as guests is truly an honor. Together, we explore many themes, including but not limited to their journey with starting Almost 30; femal...

Slow Burn ft. Giulio Gallarotti

Nov 3 • 01:11:25

Today I am joined by comedian, actor, and co-host of "OOPS the Podcast" Giulio Gallarotti. Giulio and I discuss his journey to becoming a successful comedian and some of the ups and downs he's had along the way. Other themes include maintaining energy when your job starts at night, why a slow burn can make for a successful relationship, NYC gossip girl/money culture, and m...

Sad Boi CK: A Solo Episode

Nov 1 • 21:33

Spilling the Celebri-Tea ft. Emma Tyler

Oct 20 • 01:20:50

Today I am joined by the Deputy Director of Social Media at BuzzFeed and expert on all things celebrity gossip, Emma Tyler. Emma and I chat about our time at Northwestern University together, including being part of the same sorority, debating whether or not sororities have aged well, Alabama rush TikTok compared to our rush experience, the types of people the school attra...

Eating & Living Well ft. Allison Ruben Magier

Oct 13 • 01:14:22

Today I am joined by registered dietitian (RD) and certified life coach Allison Ruben Magier. Alli and I grew up knowing each other from our similar all-girl school, NYC backgrounds. After attending University of Pennsylvania and working at L’Oreal, Alli decided to go back to school to study to be an RD and life coach. We discuss how she decided on this change of path and ...

Pretty, Pretty Funny ft. Charlie Hall

Oct 6 • 01:05:17

Today I am joined by actor, comedian (in my opinion), and writer Charlie Hall. Charlie and I overlapped at Northwestern University, where he played for the D1 basketball team (Go Cats). Currently, Charlie is living in LA where he’s pursuing his acting and writing career. So far, he has made appearances in shows and films including “Dash & Lily”, “Veep” (alongside his mothe...

Rewiring Your Heart ft. Amy Chan

Sep 29 • 58:09

TW: suicidal thoughts...

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