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This podcast is an exploration of what students, young and old, are really looking for. Why do we learn avidly in some environments but are bored in others? What is an immersive learning experience and how do we generate more of them, for our children, our colleagues and ourselves? Learning scienceRead more

Popular episodes

S2E16. Return on Education: access, costs, outcomes and leverage, with Deborah Quazzo from GSV

Nov 12 • 33:10

Our guest today is Deborah Quazzo, the cofounder and managing partner of GSV Ventures, one of the earliest and more prestigious venture funds investing in the entire spectrum of education from PreK to Gray including companies that we all use daily such as Coursera, Classdojo, Clever, Quizziz and many more. Deborah is also the cofounder of the annual annual ASU+GSV Summit w...

S2E15. Last-Mile Job Training for Students, with Daniel Pianko

Nov 10 • 40:30

Our guest today is Daniel Pianko. Daniel is a Managing Director at Achieve and University Ventures. He has a long experience adviser and innovator in student finance, medical education, and postsecondary education....

S2E14. Where games end and social learning begins, with Mercedes Bent

Oct 26 • 28:55

Our guest today is Mercedes Bent, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, Mercedes is focused on education and consumer early stage investing. Previously she was working in VR and a General Manager at General Assembly.

In this episode, we explore how EdTech is shifting and giving more power to parents and students. We look at social learning and gaming, which together offer...

Decentralized Schools, with Rebecca Kaden

Oct 16 • 37:54

Our guest today is Rebecca Kaden. Rebecca is a Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures. She has a particular interest in education and an extremely deep understanding of the evolving EdTech landscape. Rebecca began her career as a journalist and prior to USV was a General Partner at Maveron, a consumer focused early stage fund.

In this episode, we talk about how new techn...

The Unique EdTech Business Models Coming Out of Europe, with Benoit Wirz

Oct 4 • 37:51

Our guest today is Benoit Wirz, a partner at Brighteye Ventures, the leading European EdTech venture firm....

🔎 Really Understand Who You Are Serving, with Jinal Jhaveri

Sep 24 • 38:41

Our guest today is Jinal Jhaveri. Jinal is the co-founder and Chairman of Schoolmint, a venture partner at Runa Capital and also co-founder and CEO at

In this episode, we talk about Jinal's lessons growing Schoolmint, how he channeled the tailwinds of the school choice movements, and what his experience can offer for schools today....

S2E11. Will the Consumerization of Education Continue? With Jennifer Carolan

Sep 7 • 43:39


S2E10. Why the teacher's job should be unbundled, with John Danner

Aug 14 • 45:02

Our guest today is John Danner. John is an investor in Edtech and the Future of Work. During the last 3 years he has participated in investments that have impacted many learner lives, like Lambda School or Outschool. Before being an investor, John started Netgravity, an internet advertising firm that went public and was sold to Doubleclick now Google. Then he did a U-turn ...

S2E9. From Transferring Knowledge to Transforming Students, with Andrew Barry, Founder of Curious Lion

Jul 26 • 35:35

Our guest today is Andrew Barry. Andrew started off at KPMG where he built out their training, then he created Curious Lion where he and his team help the likes of Pinterest and many other companies to create corporate training programs. I first met Andrew when we were both taking an online writing course called Write of Passage, and I have been eager to talk about learnin...

S2E8 Roadmap Club, a Feedback Loop All Schools Should Have, with Indra Sofian, Cofounder at Sora Schools

Jun 21 • 36:06

Our guest today is Indra Sofian, the cofounder fo Sora School, an online project-based-learning high school.
In this episode, we catch up after our first chat 2 years ago. Then the school was just starting, now there is an innovative yet mature high school operating entirely online. It is the first digital-native high school I have studied closely, so I wanted to dig into t...

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