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What Bitcoin Did

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Against many challenges, Bitcoin, the worlds first true cryptocurrency has survived for over a decade. With What Bitcoin Did, podcast host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin. From developers to investors, journalists to Bitcoin company CEOs, you will learn about everythingRead more

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Bitcoin is Fourth Turning Money with Brandon Quittem

Nov 27 • 01:54:01

“Everyone is short Bitcoin, and only 1% of us realise it.”
— Brandon Quittem...

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on Bitcoin

Jul 24 • 01:48:59

“There is really no excuse I can give you, so all I can tell you is we make mistakes as well, and a lot of building a company is trying to learn from mistakes and just get better over time.”
— Brian Armstrong...

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The 1 Bitcoin Trump Bet Update with American HODL

Nov 6 • 01:46:30

“I think this election was Trump vs the media, Biden was just a placeholder.”
— American HODL...

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Shit Bitcoiners Say with Rusty Russell

Oct 27 • 02:04:19

“This irrational exuberance is where I’m like you know what… calm the fuck down, this stuff is not promised to you, number will not always go up, it is not guaranteed to hit $100k, $288k or whatever fucking number you want and even if it does hit $1 million, you wonder what $1million will be worth at the time.”
Rusty Russell...

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No Escape from Bitcoin's Gravity with Nik Bhatia

Nov 24 • 01:24:43

“It’s just becoming clear to the smartest investors in the room, that denying Bitcoin is like denying the internet 20 years ago and it’s a mistake and you’re going to get left in the dust.”
— Nik Bhatia...

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Bitcoin, Gold and Tax with Dominic Frisby

Mar 9 • 02:11:44

“The most expensive purchase you ever make in your life is your government, and over the course of your life… roughly 50% of everything you ever earn will be taken from your taxes.”
— Dominic Frisby...

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El Salvador - The Whole Story with Jack Mallers

Jun 18 • 01:21:50

“From the start, the conversation was about financial inclusion, open systems, open monetary networks, free markets, how the existing financial system is broken, and how in theory, the world is a much more free, economically liberal place if the monetary network is Bitcoin.”
— Jack Mallers...

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The Rise of Bitcoin Nations with Dan Held

Aug 18 • 01:19:49

“Bitcoin hodlers across the world I think only number probably 100-200 million, which is awesome, that’s incredible that we’re in the hundreds of millions era of bitcoin hodlers, but I think the real game begins at a billion, and we’re getting close.”
— Dan Held...

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Bitcoin Vs Altcoins with Dan Held & Erik Voorhees

Dec 1 • 01:20:49

“Bitcoin has been forged in an environment of hostility, from the very beginning. It is an explicitly counter-cultural, transformative technology, which if successful, will change much of how the earth works and is going to have a gazillion enemies, 100%. Zcash and Ethereum are not enemies of Bitcoin.”
— Erik Voorhees...

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Bonds, Inflation and the GBTC Premium with Lyn Alden

Mar 31 • 01:06:19

“If there’s a bitcoin ETF that then trades on a major exchange, the more people can essentially access it than if they’re not willing to buy over the counter should increase overall demand”
— Lyn Alden...

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