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Welcome to sheckiiville, an audio journey of a Korean-born American going through love and business


Welcome to sheckiiville, a Podcast by Tony Lee, aka @sheckii, a Korean-American advertising professional who has worked on brands like Nintendo and 20th Century Fox as well as many small businesses and startups. Tony has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was in kindergarten, selling householdRead more

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Episode 013 // What Have I Been Up To?! (Update on Life, Podcast Direction)

Dec 3 • 10:59

Well, I'm back! Haha. Nothing life threatening or any health issues that prevented me from this. Thought I'd share not only what has been going on since, I'd assume, about a year ago. TL;DR, I fell in love; changed jobs; traveled to Korea and Hong Kong; and realized a couple interesting things about myself. Oh, and I was on my favorite podcast of all time, bamboo & glass! ...

Episode 012 // Ogo Adegboye, Investor & Former U.K. National Team Point Guard (Day 4 of 7 of My Birthday Week Celebration)

Aug 28 • 38:22

Ogo's life story was fascinating in college, but it's even more impactful post Bonnies career. I got to cover him in college, but importantly built a friendship and followed his journey. If his story of overcoming adversity doesn't get you up this morning, not sure what will. Humbled to have another St. Bonaventure University alum on sheckiiville! As always, text me at (21...

Episode 011 // Minji Chang, Actor, Producer, 'First Of All' Podcast Host (Day 3 of 7 of My Birthday Week!)

Jul 2 • 37:04

Some people claim to be real, and some are Minji Chang. The actor, producer, ‘First Of All’ podcast host came on sheckiiville to not only talk about her journey in Hollywood, but much needed discussion about racism and sexism. Just to get you prepared, the word “should” is a main theme of our chat. Can’t wait for y’all to meet Minji on sheckiiville today on day 3 of 7 on m...

Episode 010 // Jay Salim, EVP of People and Culture at Complex Networks (Day 2 of 7 of My Birthday Week!)

Jun 29 • 40:00

Imagine first stepping into a prospective employer and have the head of HR go, “Where my boy sheckii at?!” That’s how Jay Salim and I met in NYC, and since then I’ve kept in touch with now the EVP of People and Culture at Complex Networks. Jay shared his story about coming back after serving in the military and how that has shaped his career. He shares a story about how he...

Episode 009 // Andy Lam, Amazon FBA Entrepreneur (And Day 1 of 7 of My Birthday Week!)

Jun 20 • 31:32

Excited to have Andy Lam kick off the birthday week with episode 009! Andy is an Amazon FBA Entrepreneur, and no that's not drop shipping. See how he created a 7-figure business from doing something that many people will want to get started on, but more importantly hear the journey that took him here and how he managed continuing to grow. If you want to chat about this, te...

Episode 008 // Jessica Jenkins, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Providence College

Jun 18 • 37:57

Jess was the first person I ever did a documentary on. But more importantly, I wanted to have her on as the first St. Bonaventure alumni on this podcast (Go Bonnies!) because her work ethic and perspective as an assistant basketball coach at Providence is great to hear for everyone. We also talked about Kobe Bryant and the legacy he left. Can’t wait for y’all to hear this!...

Episode 007 // William Hung, Chief Champion Creator

May 28 • 24:13

William Hung of American Idol fame (yes, the one who did "She Bangs!") dropped by sheckiville on this episode to chat about what he has been up to. The lasting memory for this episode is the vision he chatted about, when he had the inspiration to do more -- and he did. As a motivational speaker and coach, he has expanded his reach and started to help others out in a meanin...

Episode 006 // Adam Posner - Founder and Managing Director at NHP Talent Group and Host of ThePOZcast

May 24 • 29:57

Adam was crucial for me when I started my career as a young pup in New York City. He helped me a lot on branding to the agencies, as well as get my s*** together in terms of realistic job market and opportunities. He got me in the doors of a few good places, all that I bombed by the way, and I can't thank him enough for that. ...

Episode 005 // Geoff Desreumaux - Co-Founder and CEO of We Are Social Media (WeRSM)

May 22 • 28:09

Geoff and I met through a recruiter and even worked together briefly at an advertising agency. Incredible mind in the social media and digital marketing space, which is even more embellished by him being the CEO of We Are Social Media (WeRSM). Conversations today included things about is this peak social media content or not -- because during the pandemic, he brought some ...

Episode 004 // Melly Lee, Portrait Photographer and #FaceTimePhotography Practitioner

May 22 • 33:15

Oh, Melly... Melly and I go back quite a bit, and it has been a pleasure to see her art and skills grow as a creative. Melly's a renowned photographer who has taken portraits of Manny Pacquiao, Ronny Chieng, Bill Nye and much, much, more. Lately she has done some incredible things during the pandemic of doing #FaceTimePhotography that is absolutely worth a look. This embod...

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