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Weird and Wonderful


There’s something weird and wonderful in all of us, and this series with the Azman sisters will have plenty of those and so much more. Join Iman and Amal this new year as they talk about everything fun and meaningful.

Popular episodes

Episode 13 - OOPPS T.M.I

Dec 18 • 19:54

Social can media could tell us almost everything about someone, yes? Because one chooses to share his or her life online. Of course there’s nothing wrong with it but nowadays, people don’t realise that sometimes they tend to overshare. You don’t have to tell the world everything and still be happy. ...

Episode 12 - Holding hands with fear

Dec 5 • 27:15

Whether you admit it or not, we all have our fears. We are all afraid of something. Be it a certain someone, an animal, the dark, public speaking - anything. Some people are afraid of something just because, and some, has reasons or a story behind why they are afraid of something. ...

Episode 11 - Questions I've Never Answered Before - Part 2

Nov 28 • 25:10

Episode 10 - Questions I've Never Answered Before

Nov 21 • 24:21

We are here to announce that this week’s episode will not have a topic...because YOU will bring the topic to us! From relationship between families to friendships, any 'ship', you asked, they answer!...

Episode 9 : How to delete a relationship?

Nov 14 • 22:12

“Kon-Mari? Isn’t that Marie Kondo’s method of organising?”
“Did I even read the title right?”...

Episode 8: All The Fake Laughs at Work

Nov 7 • 19:31

This week’s episode of Weird & Wonderful brings up a common question that we have all, at one point, asked ourselves; work friends or colleagues?...

Episode 7: I trusted him when he said sorry

Oct 31 • 28:01

As much as it hurts to leave, it'll hurt more to stay. ...

Episode 6: Online friends? Is there such a thing?

Oct 24 • 26:12

In this week's episode, Iman and Amal along with their special guest, a good friend of theirs, Fatin, will talk about online friendships. With the social media taking over our everyday lives nowadays, will it take over our friendships as well? Is online friendship even a thing or those with online friends are simply friends behind the screen? Does not liking a picture on I...

Mother-daughter = Bestfriends or Complicated?

Oct 17 • 22:38

This episode is a special one as the girls bring you their special someone, their best friend, their queen - their MOM. Join them as they talk about their point of views on their relationship. ...

What if I don't like ME

Oct 10 • 21:00

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