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Each of us is surrounded by a rich community of connections -- we have some combination of friends, family, partners, co-workers, mentors, and more. Then each of those connections has connections too. It all forms a bustling, complicated, interconnected web. Welcome to Web of WMN, Wonder MediaRead more

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Bonus: Introducing She Votes!

Aug 6 • 33:57

Celebrate Mother's Day with WMN!

Apr 30 • 01:03
We think that now more than ever, mothers deserve a day (or, dare we say, much longer) of appreciation for their work and love. Forgo the classic flowers and candies for a customized episode of Encyclopedia Womannica starring the mom in your life! Simply fill out a few questions and Encyclopedia Womannica host Jenny Kaplan will record a special podcast episode that will no...

Introducing: Beyond Belief

Apr 27 • 34:45

Introducing: Encyclopedia Womannica

May 31 • 01:32

Every weekday for a full year, listeners can explore the trials, tragedies, and triumphs of groundbreaking women throughout history who have dramatically shaped the world around us. In each 5 minute episode, we’ll dive into the story behind one woman listeners may or may not know -- but definitely should. These diverse women from across space and time are grouped into easi...

On intergenerational activism, big tech, & the 2020 election

May 6 • 32:39

In episode 4, Host Jenny Kaplan interviewed a new connection, DeNora Getachew. In episode 8, DeNora interviewed her friend, Glynda Carr. This time, it’s Glynda’s turn. She chose someone else from her life to talk to: her sorority sister and friend Michele Jawando, head of Progressive Engagement and Strategic Partnership Counsel at Google....

On holidays & hiring at WMN!

Apr 24 • 01:13

On working in the White House, losing campaigns, & fixing democracy

Apr 18 • 24:19

In episode 3, Host Jenny Kaplan interviewed her former colleague, Megan Murphy. In episode 7, Megan interviewed her partner, Hilary Rosen. This time, it’s Hilary’s turn. She chose someone else from her life to talk to: her colleague and friend Anita Dunn. Hilary and Anita talk about sexism in politics, getting into the campaign world, and breaking barriers. This episode is...

On risk-taking, transformational travel, & machismo

Apr 10 • 34:10

In episode 2, Host Jenny Kaplan interviewed her friend from work, Jing Cao. In episode 6, Jing interviewed her friend from college, Danielle Guillen. This time, it’s Danielle’s turn. She chose someone else from her life to talk to: her friend Anel Torres. Danielle and Anel talk about taking risks, changing career paths, and learning from travel abroad. This episode is the ...

On common ground, White Fragility, & Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Apr 3 • 42:55

In episode 1, Host Jenny Kaplan interviewed her friend from college, Sosie Bacon. In episode 5, Sosie Bacon interviewed her mom, Kyra Sedgwick. On this episode, Kyra chose someone else from her life to talk to: Stacy Huston. Stacy is the executive director of Kyra’s husband Kevin Bacon’s nonprofit, Kyra and Stacy talk about growing up in a broken family, ba...

On the importance of voting, getting radical, & Higher Heights

Mar 28 • 28:11

On episode 4, Host Jenny Kaplan interviewed Generation Citizen NYC Executive Director DeNora Getachew. On this episode, DeNora picked someone from her life to talk to: Higher Heights Co-founder Glynda Carr. They talk about the power of Black women, finding your role, and being guided by faith. This episode is the second episode of the fourth interview chain. Stay tuned nex...

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