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Web Equity Show with Justin Cooke and Ace Chapman

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“Don’t Build a Startup, Buy One!” This show is dedicated to providing successful entrepreneurs with the next steps on leveraging their capital to buy the right business, and also how to maximize sales in their own web portfolio. Justin Cooke, co-founder of Empire Flippers and Ace Chapman, anRead more

Popular episodes

S05E12: Success

May 29 • 01:04:30

In the final episode for this season, Ace and I cover some of the traits that successful buyers have in common and some of the strategies to employ for a greater chance of success....

S05E11: Perseverance

May 22 • 47:13

In this episode, Ace and I talk about why perseverance is an essential characteristic to have and what that looks like in your entrepreneurial journey....

S05E10: Ideal Clients

May 15 • 57:33

In this episode, Ace and I talk about how to identify your ideal client and how to work with clients who might not be be a good fit with your company.  ...

S05E09: Diligence

May 8 • 45:27

In this episode, Ace and I talk about how due diligence will change in 2020 and beyond as a result of the recent market shift. We'll expand on points we mentioned in previous episodes to help buyers find the best business to acquire....

S05E08: Remote Work

May 1 • 45:12

In this episode, Ace and I go in depth about why working remotely could be the right move for your company, what the pros and cons are of distributed working, and how to create a workforce who can keep the business running from anywhere in the world. ...

S05E07: Questions

Apr 24 • 01:04:24

In this episode, Ace and I discuss current events and how some of the largest organizations in the world are responding to the pandemic, and how it affects our industry of buying and selling online businesses....

S05E06: Motivation

Apr 17 • 37:19

In this episode, Ace and I discuss what motivates us as individuals, what keeps our teams going, and how to keep your clients' spirits up....

S05E05: Paradigm Shifts

Apr 10 • 36:21
In this episode, Ace and I discuss the changes business owners will experience due to the COVID-19 virus, as well as possible paradigm shifts that might impact businesses worldwide   If you are interested in the market sentiment according to investors and buyers, as well as how the entrepreneur's journey is affected, then this episode is for you.   Listen in as we talk abo...

S05E04: Uncertainty - 4.3.2020

Apr 3 • 36:04

In this episode, Justin and Ace discuss the current economic situation, what they have been noticing as far as shifts in the marketplace from both buyers and sellers in the space. ...

S05E03: Opportunities - 4.1.2020

Apr 1 • 28:24

In this episode, Justin and Ace discuss some online market updates and trend predictions as well as some online business courses popping up recently and what to watch out for. ...

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