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Our world is changing faster than most people can adapt. If you want to survive and thrive in the economy and culture of tomorrow it starts here. Liberty, libertarianism, and Austrian economics are the backbone of our philosophy. Personal autonomy and income mobility is our goal.

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Jason Talks Inflation, Airlines, and the Future of Our Economy, w/ Thaddeus Russell

Nov 22 • 57:30
Attend Discover 2022, a free virtual event designed to help you unlock hidden talents, skills, passions, and abilities you can use to increase your income and impact in 2022:

Thaddeus Russell returned to the show today to share with us what he's been doing with Renegade University. There's a lot of synergy between our goals wit...

The Power of Thinking Local, with Tho Bishop

Nov 15 • 01:03:59
This is easily the most political guest we've had on this show in a few years. But there's a good reason for that. Tho Bishop is not just any political activist.

Tho is the assistant editor and media director at the Mises Institute, and the host of the Radio Rothbard and Redneck Riviera podcasts. He's been active with the local GOP in his hometown in Bay County, FL for the ...

Marc Clair Talks About His Journey from Dependency to Total Autonomy

Nov 9 • 01:12:42
You should all know our guest on today's show. If this is you first time ever hearing him, you're in for a treat. Marc Clair is a libertarian podcasting OG. He's been 1/3 of Lions of Liberty for just about as long as podcasts have existed.

However, over the past 12-24 months, he's been going through a philosophical evolution. For a lot of years, he earnestly believed the be...

Selling Freedom to an Unfree World

Nov 3 • 01:31:51
Within the so-called liberty movement, everyone talks about the importance and value of freedom and liberty. Lots of people have committed themselves to the goal of spreading those things.

But here's the problem: you can't sell something that you don't already have.

If you truly want to sell freedom to people, you have to earn it for yourself first.

If you're ready to ...

Predictions: What the Next 24 Months Might Look Like

Oct 30 • 01:24:52
As inflation begins to set in and supply chains start breaking down, the White House says these are all good signs and there's only good times ahead.

Well, that may be true for some people.

We're moving into a world of sharply divided classes, the have's at the top and have-not's at the bottom.

Those on the bottom will be dependent upon the system because they didn't take the...

Who Needs Health Insurance?! Revolutionizing American Healthcare w/ CrowdHealth CEO Andy Schoonover

Oct 18 • 52:57
This episode could save you thousands, tens of thousands, even HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. So make sure you listen to it ASAP.

One of the biggest recurring expenses for many early-stage entrepreneurs in the post-Obamacare era is health insurance. In fact, many people never even consider striking out on their own simply because they're afraid to leave their employer an...

Hotep Jesus Talks Crypto, AI, and the Conspiracy of Money & War

Oct 11 • 01:18:58
Hotep Jesus is an entrepreneur, tech investor, marketing savant, and internet personality.

He's the host of Hoteps BEEN Told You and author of several books, including "Dominate Twitter", "Unbreakable Rules of Masculinity", and his most recent work, "The Patriot Report: Unmasking the Conspiracy of Money & War".

He joined us to discuss The Patriot Report, which details the hi...

Troubles, Troubles Everywhere: Inflation, Censorship, and Default

Oct 4 • 01:26:01
Inflation is here.

The $4 trillion bailout in 2020 basically went straight into the economy, and now prices are soaring. Meanwhile, Janet Yellen is talking about taxing *unrealized* capital gains, and medical offices around the country are firing unvaccinated medical professionals after spending months freaking out about locking down to prevent the medical industry from bei...

Crypto, Debt, and the Coming Financial Crisis

Sep 27 • 01:37:05
We've gotta keep beating this drum: we're facing down a catastrophic financial crisis. We're basically in a permanent state of crisis at this point. It's been bad lately, but it will keep getting worse.

But it won't necessarily get worse for everyone.

Select few will benefit from the collapse of the existing financial system as they recognize the signs and position themselve...

Dystopian Worlds & Centralized Markets: Making Sense of a 21st Century Economy

Sep 20 • 01:31:41
Gavin Newsom sailed through the recall attempt. This was entirely predictable. Even though he's spent years proving repeatedly that he's a corrupt and craven narcissist, when it comes down to it, the masses will eagerly turn out to beg for his boot upon their necks.

If you're expecting your liberty to be preserved or protected through the processes of the state, you will be...

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