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293: Lessons Learned from the Greatest Investors in History with William Green!

Dec 5 • 48:21

Asset prices are booming. We have more than doubled price per door costs on acquisitions made in some markets just two years ago. That’s just what our investor club has seen in real estate....

292: Dave Liu on Using Psychology to Hack Life for Success and Wealth

Nov 28 • 48:34

When you are trying to figure out how to become more successful in life, don’t try to re-recreate the wheel. Success stories aren’t all the same, but they often rhyme....

291: A Shot to Save the World: The Story Behind the Covid Vaccine!

Nov 21 • 25:24

It’s been 2 years since Covid-19 first became the major global topic. I must admit, if you told me back then that we’d still be wearing masks and living our lives with Covid-19 precautions every day, I would have never believed you....

290: What are the 7 Deadly Economic Sins?

Nov 14 • 38:13

At the core of every individual’s subconscious there is a wealth thermostat. What sets the temperature is a combination of nature and nurture. Once it’s set, it’s difficult to change it. But if you know you have a thermostat, it’s a lot easier to change your mindset....

HNW Charitable Strategies that are PROFITABLE

Nov 13 • 46:49

Last week I did an emergency podcast to make sure everyone is aware of an upcoming change related to the whole life policies we use inside of Wealth Formula Banking. It all revolves around recent changes made to IRC Section 7702, with is the IRS code that dictates how life insurance policies are taxed....

289: Is Bitcoin the Next Layer of Money?

Nov 7 • 41:39

I began talking about cryptocurrency on Wealth Formula Podcast in 2017. Many joined the crypto world after that and have made a significant amount of money. If you are one of those people…you’re welcome!...

Urgent Wealth Formula Banking Announcement!

Nov 2 • 09:22

Urgent Wealth Formula Baking Announcement!

Nov 2 • 09:22

288: Dennis Gartman: Inflation, the Fed and Trouble Ahead!

Oct 31 • 35:05

It’s not easy becoming a physician. You have to be at the top of your class in college to get into medical school. Then medical school itself is a pretty big commitment. Of course, I’m one of those crazies who added 7 years of residency training to my education....

287: Artificial Intelligence, the Robot Revolution and the New World Order!

Oct 24 • 55:35

I am a natural entrepreneur. It’s not something I tried to be. I’m just wired this way....

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