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THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen

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Interview with Billy Weeks

Nov 23 • 54:41

Jack and John welcome Billy Weeks to the show.  Billy is best known as a documentary https://www.wetalkph…illy-Bio-297x300.jpg 297w, https://www.wetalkph…illy-Bio-768x776.jpg 768w, https://www.wetalkph…021/11/Billy-Bio.jpg 778w" sizes="(max-width: 297px) 100vw, 297px">photographer and is currently a Lecturer of photojournalism at the University of Tennesee.  Billy has had ...

Interview with Kevin McNeal

Nov 9 • 35:58

Jack and John welcome Kevin McNeal to the show.  Kevin is known for his dramatic landscapes, use of color and never-stop attitude for pursuing compelling images.  Listen in as we talk with Kevin about his recent travels around the globe and his philosophy for how he approaches his art....

Interview with Alister Benn

Oct 18 • 54:56

Jack and John are honored to welcome Alister Benn to the show.  Alister is regarded as one of the leaders in the landscape photography genre with his expressive and introspective work.  His latest efforts have been focused around teaching others via videos and book.   He was recently named a Fellow at the Royal Photographic Society, which is quite an honor and puts him in ...

Interview with Cody Schultz

Oct 4 • 42:36

Jack and John kick off a new series on We Talk Photo where we bring on guests who you may have not heard of, and introduce them to our audience.  Meant as a way to bring some exposure to up and coming artists, we hope that this feature episode will bring some interest as well as creative sparks to you, our faithful listener....

Interview with Colleen Miniuk

Sep 15 • 01:06:22

Jack and John welcome Colleen Miniuk to the show.  High energy and outstanding creativity are the hallmarks of Colleen.  She is first and foremost a fantastic photographer, plus an incredible educator and well published author.  She joins the guys on the program to talk about her recently updated book, Photographing Acadia National Park.  Give this upbeat and engaging podc...

Interview with Guy Tal

Aug 31 • 43:41

Jack & John welcome  one of the most exciting and insightful creators, artist, photographer and writers today, Guy Tal.  Guy has produced an incredibly amazing body of work, both visually and written about photography and life.  Guy is one of the most vivid and introspective thinkers who has an innate ability to transfer his thoughts to the photograph or written page....

Drone Photography

Aug 23 • 35:12

Jack and John welcome Bill Fortney to the show to talk about drones and drone photography.     They  have been exploring the use of drones for the past several months/years in their photography and in this episode talk about how the use of an aerial platform has increased their range of photographic possibilities as well as how drone photography has influenced their land-b...

Jack and John are Back

Aug 10 • 44:11

It had been a while since Jack and John recorded a podcast….from their busy schedules to a tree demolishing Johns house, it has been a bit of a journey since they last recorded.  In this episode they discuss topics related to photography, life and just “being”.  Check out the episode to learn what has been going on with them and what they have coming up in the future....

Interview with Erin Babnik

Jun 17 • 44:29

Jack and John welcome Erin Babnik to the show.     Erin is a Canon Explorer of Light, member of Photo Cascadia and accomplished international workshop leader.  Listen as Jack and John explore her motivations and experiences as well as her perspectives on her photography and teaching others....

You Won’t Know if you Don’t Go

Jun 9 • 44:29

In this episode, Jack and John discuss a few of the themes they have shared with workshop clients over the past couple of workshops.  Themes such as slowing down, simplifying and you won’t know if you don’t go.  They transition this last theme in to a discussion about several images they captured on a stormy night on Steptoe Butte in the Palouse…a time when everyone was ve...

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