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We Love You (And So Can You)


We Love You (And So Can You) follows the journey of a guest looking to makeover part of their life: like jumping back into the dating world, dealing with professional jealousy, or navigating a new phase in life as an empty nester. Hosts Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg draw on extensiveRead more

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Tiara: Follow-Up

Jun 23 • 37:59

Kristen and Jolenta check in with Tiara, who moved across the country to follow her boyfriend, rather than following her own dreams. She was a master at going out and meeting people, but now that everyone's staying at home... how's all that going? Plus, we get listeners' tips for moving to a new place....

Introducing Movie Therapy

Jun 23 • 40:45

Beloved listeners! We Love You may be coming to an end, but rest assured: We are not leaving you high and dry! Kristen hosts another advice show we think you'll enjoy. It's called Movie Therapy with Rafer and Kristen. In each episode, Rafer and Kristen offer questionable advice and solid movie (and TV) recommendations for whatever ails you. We're putting this episode of th...

Tiara: Embrace a New Beginning

Jun 16 • 43:47

Early this year, Tiara picked up and moved across the country — literally! — when her boyfriend got a new job. She’s moved before, but this time is different: She’s moving for someone else’s dream, rather than her own. Can she find her place in this new town, and learn to love it all the same? How do you feel at home in a new town? Tell us about it! You can email us at wel...

Carolyn: Follow-Up

Jun 9 • 26:13

Now that "normal" life is basically on hold, Kristen and Jolenta check in with Carolyn to see how she's coping. Is that to-do list still daunting? Is she finding ways to balance? Plus, a LOT of you listeners seemed to resonate with Carolyn's story!...


Jun 2 • 00:33

We stand in solidarity with black communities, podcasters, listeners, family, and friends. And that's why, today, Tuesday, June 2nd, we're not releasing any content. Instead, we're participating in #blackouttuesday to show our support for for the fight for racial justice and equality. We're also donating our time and money to organizations that are fighting against anti-bl...

Carolyn: Saying No

May 26 • 44:02

You might know someone like Carolyn: She’s super productive, generous, always willing to help out. And yet, she has a hard time getting around to helping herself. This week, Kristen and Jolenta try to help Carolyn relax a little bit, while trying not to just pile more things on to her to-do list....

Deepti: Follow-Up

May 19 • 31:38

After working with Deepti, Kristen and Jolenta were so curious if she was able to finally make that dream podcast of hers. So, for this week, we followed up to see how it was going. Plus, we hear how all of you deal with your inner heckler. Want to listen to Deepti’s podcast? It’s called Pop Culture Prisoner:…risoner/id1502032934...

Deepti: Scared of Failure

May 12 • 43:31

Have you ever started a hobby — just for fun — that’s creative and a nice relief from the daily grind, only to feel worse because you aren’t the best at it? Even though you literally are just doing it for fun? This week, Kristen and Jolenta meet Deepti, who really wishes she could find a creative outlet, but her own internal heckler is standing in her way....

Brian: Follow-Up

May 5 • 28:36

So, the last time Kristen and Jolenta talked to Brian, he was gearing up for a big move. But… is that even possible right now, when we’re all social distancing? This week, we get an update from Brian, and hear from all of you!...

Brian: Someplace That Really Excites Me

Apr 28 • 40:55

Earlier this year, Kristen and Jolenta met Brian. He had been living in Phoenix for quite a while, and finally made the decision to move to Chicago. The problem was: he's got a good life in Phoenix, and is really just moving to Chicago because he wants to. Can he stay motivated to make this dream a reality?...

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