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Ways to Flourish


Ways to Flourish is the podcast of W&M Health and Wellness that addresses how to be mentally healthy and flourish through our challenges. Each podcast focuses on a wellness strategy that contributes to our mental health. Featuring wellness experts and the voices of our campus, we focus onRead more

Popular episodes

S3, Ep 14 - Ditching Your Diet Thoughts During the Holidays

Nov 24 • 24:01

Content warning: This episode contains discussion of diets and unhealthy eating patterns.

Diet culture has become pervasive in our society in large part due to misinformation spread through social media. Wanting to try new diets and eating patterns is especially common during and after the holidays. This week, Stephanie May, William & Mary's Registered Dietitian, talks to u...

S3, Ep 13 - What You Need to Know About HPV

Nov 17 • 21:57

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States. According to the Cleveland Clinic, about 14 million Americans are newly infected with HPV each year. Nancy Moul, a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner at W&M, talks to us today about how HPV impacts college students, what some common misconceptions are about HPV, how on...

S3, Ep 12 - Campus Connect and Suicide Prevention

Nov 10 • 28:25

Content warning: This episode contains discussion of self-harm and suicide.

Today, we sit down with Dr. Jennifer Cross, Director of Research at the Center for Gifted Education and Institute for Research on the Suicide of Gifted Students. We discuss how to check in on friends, why suicide is so prevalent in the college age group, and how William & Mary's suicide prevention e...

S3, Ep 11 - Spiritual Wellness Is for Everyone

Nov 3 • 28:38

The term "spirituality" often gets misunderstood, with many thinking it is the same concept as religion. Even though it is one of the eight dimensions of wellness, spiritual wellness is often overlooked and neglected, particularly in higher education. Jenny Call, Wellness Professional and Health Coach, talks to us today about how spirituality has developed, how it benefits...

S3, Ep 10 - Personal Training at the Rec

Oct 27 • 26:24

The Bee McLeod Recreation Center offers many services and resources to help you keep up your physical (and, therefore, mental) health. These include FitWell classes and personal training. Today, Devin Pereira, Personal Training Supervisor, joins us to talk about what personal training at W&M looks like, how regular movement benefits our mental well-being, and what someone ...

S3, Ep 9 - Healthy Relationships

Oct 20 • 25:12

Relationships in college are often filled with new experiences, and with new experiences can arise new problems. For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we have a discussion with Liz Cascone (Director of the Haven), Hannah Artiles-Stravers (Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist and Asst. Director of the Office of Health Promotion), Priya Singh (member of HOPE), and Erica Eu...

S3, Ep 8 - Seeking Sensible Support

Oct 15 • 10:39

All too often, we find ourselves getting caught up in our day-to-day lives and struggling to keep going by ourselves. Today, Eric Garrison, co-host of the Ways to Flourish podcast, gives a talk that everyone should hear: seeking sensible support shows strength. There are resources available to help you. Be open to reaching out to them, because everyone deserves to feel les...

S3, Ep 7 - Campus Nature Resources

Oct 13 • 19:39

Regular contact with nature is a huge part of improving mental well-being. Today, Dr. Dorothy Ibes, Senior Lecturer, sits down with us to explain what the Parks & Ecotherapy Research Lab does, what the Campus Nature Rx Symposium on October 22nd will be like, how nature benefits mental health, and how the W&M community can access nature resources around campus.


S3, Ep 6 - The Importance of Mental Health Resources for Queer Individuals

Oct 6 • 38:58

Content warning: episode contains discussion of self-harm/suicide.

October is LGBT History Month, and October 10 is World Mental Health Day. For queer-identifying individuals, mental health resources are often severely limited. Vincent SheaBerry, Co-President of the Rainbow Coalition at W&M,  joins us today to talk about barriers for LGBTQ+ individuals in seeking mental hea...

S3, Ep 5 - Yoga Therapy

Sep 29 • 28:46

Listening to one's body and self-awareness are two practices that often fall by the wayside when getting caught up in our day-to-day lives. Yoga therapy is a service offered at William & Mary, and today, we are joined once again by certified yoga therapists Patti DeBlass and Cindy Crace to hear about how yoga therapy is beneficial for not only the mind, but the entire body....

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