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Welcome to The Waterpeople Podcast, a gathering for our global ocean community to dive into the critical conversations of our culture -- through storytelling. Listen with Lauren L. Hill and Dave Rastovich as they begin each episode with a simple question: “Tell us about a time or experience afterRead more

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John Florence: Navigating Edges

Nov 25 • 01:15:46

Olympian and two-time surfing World Champion John John Florence masterfully navigates the edges of flying and falling. Riding big waves  and sailing at high speed around the Hawaiian Islands are amongst his most instructive and inspiring moments.

Seen as the most technically gifted surfer on the planet right now, John has the eyes of the surfing world focused on everything...

Watershed Chats: Regenerating Reefs with Earthshot Prize recipient CORAL VITA

Nov 17 • 47:16

We’ve already lost 50% of Earth’s coral reefs. It's estimated that 90% will be gone by 2050 at the current pace of destruction. Coral Vita  just built the world’s first commercial land-based coral farm for reef restoration in The Bahamas.  They regenerating reef systems with innovative methods that expedite the growth rate of corals, and allow for self-selection of the mos...

Sachi Cunningham: Thriving On Chaos

Nov 8 • 01:25:21

In 2011, Sachi Cunningham quit her dream job and her psychiatric medication in search of a deeper sense of wellbeing in daily relationship with the ocean. She and her partner hit the road for what became a 14-month-long road trip across the Americas along the Pacific from LA to Chile.

Today, Sachi  is an award winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, journalist, and Pr...

Watershed Chats: LOUIE PSIHOYOS, director of The Cove on how to change minds and make good trouble

Oct 25 • 01:14:04

Louie Psyhoiyos is an Academy- Award winning filmmaker and Executive Director of the Oceanic Preservation Society. He makes movies that ignite and galvanise movements to protect the planet , including The Cove,  Racing Extinction, and Game Changers.

The Oceanic Preservation Society  uses film, photography, and social media – one “exposure” at a time – to inspire, empower, ...

Daize & Aamion Goodwin: A Holy Pause

Oct 11 • 01:05:26

The living world moves in pulses, defined equally by motion and pause. As waterpeople, we know this.  Daize & Aamion Goodwin are a couple of exceptional surfers who have  taken to applying the philosophy of thepause to daily life as a family.

Daize is a two time world longboard champion and Aamion made a successful career as a multi-faceted waterman renowned for his casual ...

Watershed Chats: Surfers for Climate Action Now with BELINDA BAGGS

Sep 30 • 48:27

Co-founder of Surfers for Climate and iconic waterwoman Belinda Baggs shares her story of taking action on what she sees as the greatest threat to her son's health and wellbeing: climate change.

Belinda shares a cornucopia of solutions for getting involved today; from everyday changes we can all make, to applying systemic pressure for legislative change. We talk through th...

Taki Gold: Scar Gazing

Sep 21 • 01:11:02

He fled from civil war on foot as a six year old, physically unscathed, but forever changed  by the unthinkable violence, rhythms, and energy of Liberia's internal conflict. After making his home in California, Taki Gold set out to transform the dark relationship he’d once had with the ocean by taking up surfing. Along the way, he's grown into a multi-faceted artist and mu...

Watershed Chats: Nature as the Third Parent with psychologist ROBIN GRILLE

Sep 3 • 01:32:55

What does the way we treat children say about who we are as individuals, and as a culture? 

Our guest, psychologist and father Robin Grille,  believes that parents and teachers are amongst the most powerful agents for social change. We meander through stories about finding flow in parenting, moving away from the power-over paradigm,  how colonialism has historically guided ...

Jack McCoy: Life & Breath

Aug 26 • 56:03

Seven years ago, an episode of breathlessness after bodysurfing -- and  subsequent health challenges (including a 15% chance of survival) --  shook up Jack McCoy's single-minded focus on filmmaking.

Jack has crafted 25 feature films. From his 1976 debut Tubular Swells, to the contrasting narratives of Blue Horizon, and the historical themes of A Deeper Shade of Blue, Jack’...

Watershed Chats: Black Girls Surf, Changing the Visuals & Imagining The African Triple Crown with RHONDA HARPER

Aug 12 • 01:13:33

Rhonda Harper is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, and founder of the NGO Black Girls Surf, which creates access opportunities for black and brown women and girls to experience surfing.
Black Girls Surf is fostering a new generation of recreational and professional surfers through international training camps, while  pushing back on exclusive surf media.

Parallel to  Black Girls...

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