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Washed Away


A podcast that breathes new life into Washington state's coldest cases. Host, Ashley Smith, talks to experts and family members. Can she help solve these mysteries or have all the answers been... washed away?

Popular episodes

Mary Cooper and Susanna Stodden

Oct 14 • 26:19

It’s no secret that nature is one of the things people love the most about the Pacific Northwest. And the outdoors are supposed to be a peaceful place, where you can go to clear your head and escape from the real world. So when two avid hikers, who spent a lot of their time outdoors, were seemingly executed on a trail in 2006, it was a harsh reality check for people here i...

Tanya Frazier

Aug 5 • 24:29

1994 was a year that would forever change the city of Seattle. From the suicide of Kurt Cobain to the launch of Amazon dot com, it was a uniquely important year that would go down in the city’s history books and news archives. But something else happened that year that most people haven’t heard about… until now. On this episode of Washed Away, I’m covering the tragic kidna...

Bonus: The Twin Peaks Murder

Jul 22 • 11:35

GRK's Other Victims

Jun 25 • 21:25

Gary Ridgway AKA the Green River Killer murdered women in Washington state from 1982 to 1998, but possibly could have continued killing until 2001 when he was finally apprehended. Ridgway confessed to 71 murders but was only prosecuted for 49. So who are these other 22 victims? A local true crime researcher has put together an extensive list of murdered, missing, and unide...

Ann Marie Burr

May 21 • 23:25

The case I’m covering on this episode of Washed Away comes from Tacoma, Washington and involves a missing little girl, a DNA scavenger hunt, and a possible serial killer suspect. Oh and this case has been cold for almost 60 years. Let me tell you about the disappearance of Ann Marie Burr. Plus retired detective Lindsey Wade not only discusses her work on this mystery, but ...

Logan Schiendelman

Apr 22 • 16:38

A teenager from Tumwater woke up one morning, told his grandmother he had an epiphany, and then seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. He left behind his phone and wallet and soon his car was spotted several times on I-5, sometimes parked on the side of the road, but eventually drifting across several lanes of traffic. On this episode of Washed Away, I’m gonna tell ...

Karen Bodine and Nancy Moyer

Mar 4 • 24:08

Today's episode is focused on two separate cases instead of the usual one and I interview two daughters, who are not related, but definitely know each other. One is Sam Moyer, whose mother Nancy went missing in Tenino, Washington in 2009. The other is Karlee Bodine, whose mother Karen was murdered in Rochester, Washington in 2007. While Nancy and Karen may have never known...

Sofia Juarez

Feb 18 • 22:41

On February 4th, 2003 a little girl left her home in Kennewick for a quick trip to the store, just a few blocks away. She was supposed to be getting in the car of a family friend who had just left, but when he later returned without her… the family realized that there had been a huge miscommunication. It’s the case that triggered the first-ever Amber Alert here in Washingt...

Bonus: The Hahn Mansion

Oct 30 • 22:18

Spooky season is by far my favorite time of year, so I wanted to release a special episode of Washed Away to celebrate. You'll hear me talking to a paranormal investigator out of Spokane, Amanda Paulson, as she tells me about her experiences at some of Eastern Washington's most haunted locations. There's some history, mystery, ghosts, and even a little bit of murder. Consi...

Helen Doe

Oct 22 • 14:56

This is an interesting and unique case because it doesn't involve a murder or a suicide - there wasn't necessarily anything nefarious going on at all - it was just a tragic accident that became an ongoing mystery. Who was the hitchhiker that died in a truck collision near Mount St. Helens in 1991? Let's try to find out on this episode of Washed Away. Detective Sergeant Sta...

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