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Brenna knows nothing about Warrior Cats, Maureen is a long time fan. Join them as they go through the series. Clean after episode 5. Now uploaded weekly! This transformative podcast work constitutes a fair-use of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law.Read more

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133: Heaven Break Up and OSHA Violations

Dec 8 • 54:07

Three clans unite to save one clan from a force more powerful than all of them combined. With all of them risking their lives - any cat could fulfill the prophecy - if there is even anything left to save....

132: Landlord Amira and the Clan Timeshare

Dec 1 • 01:17:46

Animation Shout Out: Miilkpop- Check out her Youtube!...

Announcement: No Episode Tomorrow

Nov 23 • 00:17

131: Consecutive Casualties and Deputy Denial

Nov 17 • 52:21

We trudge through this episode as bravely as we can. Things in Thunderclan are awfully dreary though. Firestar needs to pick a deputy since Greystripe’s been nabbed - and the whole “picking-your-BFF-as-an-important-sociopolitical-figure” being a bad idea rears its ugly head....

130: Brenna the Bully and Two Leg Scholar

Nov 10 • 52:48

Brenna is a bully in a lot of ways - but so is Maureen so it's equal. We are off to save Leafpaw and the other captured cats! Hopefully a little bit of oversleeping doesn't mean we are too late....

129: Ideal Mean Stepmom and Stupid Stalker Spirit

Nov 3 • 59:58

We’re planning our breakout from the two legs’s clutches and traveling to what is left of Four Trees to get our sign! Well - we don’t get much of a sign but we are definitely seeing ghosts. One ghost. Of course....

128: More Momma Mode and Tough Dad Talks

Oct 27 • 52:13

Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw finally return to their clan. What is left of it anyway. Before they justify their expedition, Stormfur gives his father the worst news ever. Don’t worry - we have a ~spoooky~ cat fact to mellow out the mood!...

127: Disdain to Hatred and Greystripe Holding Down the Fort

Oct 20 • 59:09

Tangletongue and Emberheart are in pain - physically. The story increases Tangletongue’s - emotionally. Our pain is temporarily healed by a lovely new kitty pet friend. Meanwhile, Squirrelpaw is finally home. But no one else is...or are they?...

126: Book Title Bickering and Empty Greetings

Oct 13 • 51:35

We spend the start of the new book arguing about the literal title of the last book we read! We are very good podcasters. Anyway, we get back to the forest and do not get the warmest welcome. In fact, it’s a very confusing welcome....

125: Stalactite/Stalagmite and Red River Return

Oct 6 • 01:05:53

We are at the final episode of this book - and Tangletongue refuses to have an appropriate emotional reaction. Neither do the tribe cats, but they didn’t have a front row seat. Things are not going better back at home - but we have finally gotten back there. But it may be too late....

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