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Wake Up Podcast by Aleks Svetski

The world is largely asleep. We're living in a time where our freedoms are slowly being encroached upon, but because we're addicted to menial crap, we ignore it. Our money no longer represents our work, time or effort, the freedom to speak out is obstructed under the guise of "diversity andRead more

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Ep 51. Told you so, with Mark Moss

Nov 7 • 01:26:11

Mark Moss, founder of Market Disruptors, on YouTube, and now on iHeart Radio.

- Energy crisis all around the world

- Fertiliser

- Asia & India running out of coal (8 days of supply)

- Supply chains breaking down

- The fucking inflation.

- Blackouts in Cali are coming for the rest of the world.

- My brother

- Russel Brandt

- A collision between our desire to consume and our capacity...

Ep 50: 2wks to flatten the world. Svetski Rant & Throwback to never-before published interview from 2020

Oct 24 • 01:03:14

Ep 50....

Ep 52 The Remnant Part 3. Francis Pouliot, Der Gigi, Pablo & Svetski.

Oct 8 • 01:42:38

Here we are. The REMNANT Round 3. ...

Ep 45: Remnant Round 2. Francis Pouliot & John Vallis on The Wake Up Podcast

Sep 20 • 01:55:21

The latest REMNANT podcast, with Francis Pouliot, John Vallis & myself; Svetski....

Ep 49. Fuck your Great Reset. with LaserHodl, Mark Moss, Untapped Growth, Liberty Blitz

Sep 10 • 01:55:38

Welcome to a very special edition of Wake Up....

Ep 48. Steve Barbour. Mining, Energy, Bitcoin, Oil, Rockefeller. Wake Up Podcast

Sep 3 • 01:17:39

It's been a busy couple weeks with The Bitcoin Standard Conference, PlebFi in Austin and Bit Block Boom in Dallas, so this episode had a delayed release....

Ep 47. Michael Krieger aka Liberty Blitz. Spiral Dynamics, Localism & Globalism

Aug 12 • 02:48:25

Michael Krieger joins me on on Ep 47 of Wake Up....

Ep 46. Sound Money, Sound Food with Dr Shawn Baker MD

Jul 27 • 01:31:41

Ep 46. Shawn Baker is a Medical Doctor, elite athlete and founder of MeatRx....

Ep 44 Alex Epstein, Energy, Fossil Fuels & Human Flourishing. Wake Up Podcast

Jun 25 • 01:35:33

On Episode 44, I’m pleased to host Alex Epstein....

Ep 43. Jane Gatsby on Philosophy, Liberty, Complexity, Royalism & Citadels

Jun 18 • 02:35:52

On Ep 43, I’m joined by Jane Gatsby, host of the Wonderland Podcast, student of complexity, philosophy, liberty....

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