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Aiming to inspire entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures. Connect FinTech enthusiasts with start-ups, incubators, accelerators, investors and incumbents. Check out the book My Trip to the Start-Up World aka Voice of FinTech, Season 1 on Apple Books or Amazon now!
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Best Episodes

Careers in FinTech and future of work with Mana Search

Oct 27, 2020

"FinTech careers with Mana Search"



Mimi Nguyen is co-founder of Mana Labs R&D and Ph.D. Fellow at Imperial College in London and Lloyd Wahed, is founder, CEO, and investor at Mana Search, a FinTech search firm based in London, UK.We discuss: Mimi's backstory. An academic and entrepreneur: how does it fit together? How has lifeRead more

Corporate VC as a strategic tool - with ING Ventures

Sep 29, 2020

"ING Ventures"


Frederic Hofmann, Managing Director at ING Ventures, based in London, UK, explains: ING's approach to working with start-ups - a range of teams and strategies, from partnering to investing and ING's commitment to digital transformation ING Ventures' mandate - do they focus on the strategicRead more

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Essentials of Entrepreneurial Finance

Feb 9, 2021

"Entrepreneurial Finance with Tiny CFO"



Jana Kovacovska, the founder at Tiny CFO, providing advisory services to start-ups focused on entrepreneurial finance in the tech, consumer, and media space. Ex-VC and McKinsey. An enthusiastic supporter of new-ish entrepreneurs and small businesses. Hosted by Rudolf Falat, founder of Voice ofRead more

How to master SEO if you are an SME or a start-up?

Jan 19, 2021

" How to master SEO if you are an SME or a start-up?"



We talk to John Vuong, founder and CEO of the Local SEO Search, Inc., a Canadian SEO company, helping SMEs get discovered on the web! Hosted by Rudolf Falat, founder of Voice of FinTech podcast. John explains his roots - born in Canada to an immigrant family from Vietnam John had many differentRead more

Remote work in Finance and opportunities for FinTech with INSEAD Finance Prof. Lily Fang

Dec 15, 2020

" Remote work in Finance and opportunities for FinTech 💪🏻"



Lily Fang is Finance Professor at INSEAD. We discussed Lily's fascination with Finance, innovations in the field like FinTech and the results of our survey among listeners on the impact of remote working in Finance and the opportunities this may present for FinTechs.We talk about: What drove LilyRead more

F10 Zurich update with Stableton and Goud, a Baloise corp-up

Nov 3, 2020

"F10 Zurich update with Stableton and Goud (Baloise corp-up)."


A discussion with Gerrit Sindermann, new head of F10 Zurich, Els Van Eyndhoven and Sabrina Bogaert, co-founders of mobility Goud corp-up with Baloise Belgium and Andreas Bezner, co-founder and Managing Partner of Stableton, a marketplace for alternative investments in Switzerland.We talkRead more

Leadership Special: Strategic Side Gig with Ken Banta (founder of The Vanguard Group for Leadership and Harvard Business Review contributor)

Oct 13, 2020

"Ken Banta: Strategic Side Gig - as published in Harvard Business Review "


Ken Banta is the founder and principal of the Vanguard Group for Leadership.  Ken is a leadership development consultant and executive advisor to both tomorrow’s top leaders and today’s CEOs.We talk to Ken about: Why Ken he become a leadership consultant In his article Strategic Side Gig,Read more

Africa Series with Stacey Japhta: Empowering emerging market entrepreneurs

Feb 18, 2021

"Africa Series with Stacey Japhta: Empowering emerging market entrepreneurs - Jumo "


Stacey Japhta, Head of Strategic FinTech Partnerships at Talent in the cloud, emerging markets FinTech executive search firm and host of Talking success podcast, talks to Buhle Goslar, Africa CEO at Jumo, a company providing financial services technologies to empower emerging market entrepreneurs,Read more

The secret of Silicon Valley

Jan 21, 2021

"The secret of Silicon Valley - a Dutch perspective"


In this episode, our guest host Sara Palmbush, American Public Relations and Content Specialist living in the Netherlands, interviews Eva Schram, one of the new book's co-authors, ‘The Secret of Silicon Valley.’ Schram is a Dutch journalist based in San Francisco. Her focus is on start-up culture,Read more

Finally getting rid of cash in 2021?

Feb 2, 2021

"Will Graylin from OV Loop on connected commerce"


Will Graylin is a former US nuclear submarine officer, a serial entrepreneur with exits to Samsung, Oracle and others, former co-GM of Samsung Pay and Chairman and CEO of OVLoop, Inc., USA, his latest FinTech venture. Hosted by Rudolf Falat, founder of Voice of FinTech podcast.We talk about: HowRead more
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