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Village Global's Venture Stories takes you inside the world of venture capital and technology, featuring enlightening interviews with entrepreneurs, investors and tech industry leaders. The podcast is hosted by Village Global partner and co-founder Erik Torenberg. Check us out on the web atRead more
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Best Episodes

What the Science of Relationships Can Teach Founders with Behavioral Scientist Logan Ury

Feb 4, 2021

"Pro tip: End dates on a high note "




Logan Ury (@loganury), Director of Relationship Science at Hinge and author of How To Not Die Alone, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:- Why a great relationship is really just a culmination of a series of small decisions, and how to be “intentional every step of the way.”- How the three datingRead more

Greg Isenberg on the World of Opportunity in Consumer Social

Oct 15, 2020

"Erik Torenberg and Greg Isenberg making the case for... Shuffle? "



Greg Isenberg (@gregisenberg), founder of Late Checkout, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:- How COVID has impacted the space and how it changes what is possible.- Where the opportunities and white space are in consumer social.- The possibilities for social experiences based around sports.- WhyRead more

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Silicon Valley, Libertarianism, and Lessons From Uber with Flo Crevello

Sep 20, 2020

"The real world adjusting to Google instead of the other way around :) "



Flo Crevello (@altimor), former product manager and engineer at Uber, and now starting his next thing, joins Erik to discuss:- Lessons he learned at Uber, and what he might have done differently if he were in charge of strategy.- How transportation is evolving and who the winners in the space mightRead more

Transforming Metabolic Fitness with Josh Clemente of Levels

Feb 11, 2021

"cute when kids eat sugar? "




Josh Clemente (@joshuasforrest), founder of Levels, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:- The personal story that led him to start the company.- The fact that most people in America are metabolically unhealthy and what Levels is doing about it.- How they are taking huge amounts of complex dataRead more

Getting Started with No-Code and Building in Public with Karthik Puvvada

Oct 27, 2020

"How “Build in public” helps you become a light house on the Internet "



Karthik Puvvada (@thisiskp_), director of On Deck’s No-Code Fellowship, joins Erik to discuss:- How he got into no-code and how the space has evolved.- Why he has been building in public and how it has helped him.- What is holding back the no-code movement from having wider adoption.- Why no-codeRead more

What Justin Kan Thinks About Basically Everything

Feb 26, 2019

"Hilarious answer to how Justin Kan wants to be remembered"




Erik is joined by Justin Kan (@justinkan), founder of Atrium, Twitch and others, as well as Anuj Abrol (@nujabrol), Justin’s Chief of Staff and Erik's co-host for this episode.Justin talks about the wisdom he’s gained over the past few years after selling Twitch and founding Atrium. He explains whyRead more

Building, Media, and Post-COVID Trends with Joe Marchese

Dec 6, 2020

"Mix virtual experience to pay off IRL"



Joe Marchese, founder of Attention Capital, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:- How he got to where he is and the thread that runs through his career.- What tech and startup people don’t appreciate about TV advertising.- What he’s trying to do with Attention Capital.- What people predicted inRead more

All Things Communities with Jacob Peters

Nov 3, 2020

"A simple framework for building communities "


Jacob Peters (@J__Cub), co-founder of Commsor, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:- What makes a great community.- The difference between a community and a network.- How to get a community off the ground.- Phases of communities and how to scale them.- How companies can build community.- How toRead more

Investments as Products, Asking Better Questions, and Improving as an Investor with Phin Barnes

Jan 6, 2021

"Success as a VC is..."



Phin Barnes (@phineasb), venture capitalist, most recently at First Round, joins Erik on this episode which was recorded as part of an On Deck Angels event.They discuss:- Why he thinks of an investment as a product.- Advice for founders working with investors.- The reasons he has changed his mindRead more

All Things Marketplaces with Dan Hockenmaier, Casey Winters, and Lenny Rachitsky

Mar 5, 2020

"On Airbnb’s “Snow White frames” - Lenny Rachitsky"


Joining Erik on this episode are:- Dan Hockenmaier (@danhockenmaier), founder of Basis One- Casey Winters (@onecaseman), Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite- Lenny Rachitsky (@lennysan), former founder as well as former growth PM at AirbnbThey discuss:- How marketplaces have evolved over the lastRead more
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