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Village Global's Venture Stories takes you inside the world of venture capital and technology, featuring enlightening interviews with entrepreneurs, investors and tech industry leaders. The podcast is hosted by Village Global partner and co-founder Erik Torenberg. Check us out on the web atRead more

Popular episodes

The Future of Insurtech with Travis Hedge and Nick Shalek

Nov 30 • 50:31
Travis Hedge (@the_hedgefund), co-founder of Vouch Insurance, and Nick Shalek (@nshalek), partner at Ribbit Capital, join Erik Torenberg and Lucas Bagno to discuss:

- How Vouch came to be and their vision to be insurance for the innovation economy from inception to IPO.

- What Travis and Nick are most excited about in insurtech.

- The enormity of the market and the fact that ...

Transforming Corporate Finance and Working with Investors with Joe Garafalo and Trevor Oelschig

Nov 23 • 31:39
Joe Garafalo, co-founder of Mosaic, and Trevor Oelschig, managing director at General Catalyst, join Erik on this episode to discuss:

- How Mosaic is building the future of tooling for modern finance teams and how it started from the team’s time at Palantir.

- Why finance has to be the connective tissue for the organization, given that they have a vantage point on the whole...

Crafting Company Culture with Brie Wolfson

Nov 16 • 39:04
Brie Wolfson (@zebriez), founder of the The Kool-Aid Factory, joins Erik to discuss:

- Why there are detailed playbooks for creating products and other tactical advice for startups, but very little on building culture at your startup.

- Why culture is “how it feels to get the work done” and why it’s a set of actions rather than beliefs.

- Why it always starts with the founder...

A Compensation Deep Dive with Matt Schulman of Pave

Nov 9 • 35:09
Matt Schulman (@Matthewschulman), founder and CEO of Pave, joins Erik to discuss:

- Why your company needs a compensation philosophy.

- How COVID and The Great Resignation have wreaked havoc on employee compensation.

- The fact that employee churn is up 2X over last year and software engineering salaries have increased by 20%.

- Competing philosophies on remote employees: “cos...

Lessons From Stripe, Mixpanel, and First Round with Meka Asonye

Nov 2 • 45:32
Meka Asonye (@BigMekaStyle), partner at First Round Capital, joined Ben Casnocha at a Village Global event to discuss:

- Meka’s time with the Cleveland Indians and what it taught him about finding hidden talent.

- Why customer obsession is so important to Meka when looking at a potential investment and concrete examples of what that looks like in practice.

- Lessons on custo...

The Wires of War with Jacob Helberg

Oct 28 • 54:15
Jacob Helberg (@jacobhelberg), author of The Wires of War, joins Erik to discuss:

- The “gray war” that Jacob believes the US is in with China, and why he feels it’s important to call it a war rather than a competition.

- Technology and cyber weapons and how they can be used for political warfare with plausible denability.

- The window of opportunity that the US and its allie...

Unlocking Unprecedented Amounts of Generosity with Vance Roush

Oct 26 • 39:26
Vance Roush (@vanceroush), founder and CEO of Overflow, joins Erik to discuss:

- Overflow, the online donation platform for non-cash assets, and the story behind its creation.

- Why the market is actually “sneakily big” and how he plans to create a new category that unlocks net new generosity by making donating shares, crypto, or other non-cash assets as easy as Venmo.

- How...

Accelerating the next wave of global founders: ODX in partnership with Village Global

Oct 21 • 23:57
Ben Casnocha (@bencasnocha), Erik Torenberg (@eriktorenberg), Anne Dwane (@annedwane), partners at Village Global, and David Booth (@david__booth), co-CEO of On Deck, discuss:

- ODX in partnership with Village Global, the $100M+ community-backed accelerator that plans to invest in 1000 companies over the next few years:

- The key differentiators of ODX...

Andy Rachleff on Investing, Company-Building & Product Market Fit… Lessons from Wealthfront & Benchmark

Oct 19 • 43:04
Andy Rachleff (@arachleff), president and CEO of Wealthfront, joins Anne Dwane and Lucas Bagno to discuss:

- What Andy learned from endowment investing and his quest to democratize excellent investing advice at Wealthfront.

- Why you shouldn’t try to time the market and why in his opinion all-time highs are “absolutely irrelevant.”

- Andy’s lessons from witnessing four day-tr...

Turning Science Fiction Into Reality with Ben Reinhardt

Oct 12 • 45:05
Ben Reinhardt (@Ben_Reinhardt), Research Fellow at the Astera Institute and host of Idea Machines Podcast, joins Erik to discuss:

- Why we don’t have as much science fiction-like technology in the world as we could, and how to turn more of it into reality.

- Why venture capital does a poor job of funding new physical technology and why ten year venture cycles are too short f...

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