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Victimology: the study of the victims of crime and the psychological effects on them of their experience. Join host, Melissa Lee, as she utilizes her platform to share information about cases new and old, fresh and cold. Victimology is based on facts and is conversational. If you want to beRead more

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Henry McCabe

Oct 28 • 23:27
Welcome back to Victimology! Thanks for joining me on this special Spooktober episode!

Henry McCabe appeared to be living the American dream until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances...join me on this week's episode as we dive in and discuss the weird voicemail and strange circumstances surrounding his death.


Oct 27 • 09:04

Justice for Katie Palmer

Aug 2 • 01:08:41
Welcome back to Victimology!

I am joined by John Palmer to discuss the tragic case surrounding the passing of his beautiful wife, Katie Palmer. Katie was struck by a vehicle while walking on April 21, 2020. The man that hit her, Cory Foster, has a 20 year history of vehicular crime, including DWI, PI, Fleeing Arrest, Reckless Driving, Speeding...the list continues on. ...

The Hinterkaifeck Murders with Ye Olde Crime

Jul 26 • 51:14
Welcome back to Victimology!

I am joined in this week's episode by the lovely ladies of the Ye Olde Crime podcast talking about the Hinterkaifeck Murders.

Make sure to check out Ye Olde Crime -

Ye Olde Crime-

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Interview with Dr. Tristin Engels

Jul 19 • 01:03:12
Welcome back to Victimology!

In this week's episode, I am joined by forensic psychologist, Dr. Tristin Engels. Join us as we discuss her career as well as her book, The Power of Truth: The Life of Louis R. Vitullo and the Legacy of the Rape Kit. In 2013, she completed graduate school, and now treats offenders with significantly long, violent, and sexually deviant histori...

Live Q&A with True Crime Broads - Missy Bevers

Jul 11 • 55:20
Welcome back to Victimology!

In this week's episode, I am joined by the lovely ladies of the True Crime Broads podcast to talk about the Missy Bevers case on a live q&a event on Facebook. Missy was murdered early one morning while setting up for an early morning workout class. There are more questions than answers surrounding the case. Crystal and Renae have been coverin...

Live Q&A with Steven David Lampley

Mar 1 • 47:08
Thank you so much again to Steven David Lampley for joining me to discuss the murder of Kathy Jones. And thank you to all those who watched and participated!

If you happened to miss the livestream, here is the video!

The Kathy Jones Tip Line in Nashville (615) 567-3268.
If you were one of the w...

12 and Murdered with Steven David Lampley

Jan 29 • 42:40
Welcome back to Victimology! I am joined by Steven David Lampley on this week's episode talking about his newest book, 12 and Murdered - the case of Kathy Jones.

Want a chance to win a signed copy of Steven's book and a Victimology shirt? Keep an eye out for the contest entry on Victimology's social media!

Here is Steven's website and podcast:

Bonus Episode: 2020 Case Updates with Dr. Weeb

Jan 20 • 01:23:23
Welcome back to Victimology! On this special bonus episode, I am joined by one of the hosts of the All Things Anime Podcast, Dr. Weeb.

During the bonus episode, we have an open discussion about the disappearance of Kristin Smart and Madeleine McCann as well as the 2020 case updates. This was recorded on December 29th, 2020.

Thank you for supporting Victimology during 2...

CC House Arrest Live Recording - Family Annihilators with Melanie from Mask of Sanity

Dec 11 • 39:24
Welcome to this extra-special episode of Victimology!

This episode was recording at CrimeCon House Arrest with the brilliant host of Mask of Sanity, Melanie Peterson!

Sit back, relax, and have a listen to our discussion on Family Annihilators!

Special thanks to the wonderful people over at CrimeCon for allowing us to be apart of their event! And of course, thank you to Me...

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