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Vibe podcast is hosted by Robyn Openshaw, also known online as the Green Smoothie Girl. In this podcast we explore what it means to live a high vibration life. Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” You’re literally, energetically attracting career opportunities, good health,Read more

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Ep. 254: The Truth is Being Swallowed Down The Memory Hole

Nov 23 • 01:10:23

Like in Orwell’s 1984, definitions are being rewritten; the “brain trust” is retiring early or being fired for having any courage whatsoever; truth tellers are being disparaged and even disappeared; collectivism has captured the consciousness of many people we love; the entire concept of “freedom” is scorned. So, you and I may need to shift into reverse, into an “oral trad...

Ep. 253: Christopher Key Loses Job, Battles For YOUR Kids Now

Nov 17 • 01:12:38

Christopher Key has put up almost 50 billboards waking Americans up, and sends you FOR FREE some MMS which has saved millions of lives from various viruses and parasite infections around the world....

Ep. 252: WATER: What kind should I drink?

Nov 10 • 32:22

My friend Israel tells us what to look for, to make drinking clean water easy and affordable. Since there are so many options! (Alkaline, hydrogen rich, carbon-filtered, reverse osmosis, distilled, and more!)...

Ep. 251: “Hot Lots” Responsible for 100% of Deaths, and 200x More Adverse Events

Nov 10 • 01:04:34

A bombshell review of thousands of va-&&-ne “lots” (of several thousand doses each) reveals that ALL of the death, and 200x more injury, are linked to just 5 percent of the lots. This episode discusses that data and what it means for the people of the world....

Ep. 250: AUSTRALIANS ARE NOW SLAVES. How We Avoid Being Next.

Nov 10 • 54:56

Aussies write me with what’s happening to their lives and why the culture encourages compliance. You must hear what complete and total bondage they’re in, because it’s a global enterprise, and “it could never happen here” just isn’t true. The first-world country that has no Bill of Rights (AU) is the beta test, with Canada right behind....

Ep. 249 :Dr Cahill On Conquering Fear. She Updates Us on Traveling with Freedom, Exposes the PCR Test Lies & More

Nov 3 • 02:20:16

Are you still getting sucked into using “their” words like pandemic, positive PCR test, etc? Are you allowing your boss, an airline employee, or a store clerk to rob you of inalienable rights? You won’t walk out with your head hanging down, ever again, after this important conversation with the inimitable Dr. Dolores Cahill of Ireland....

Ep. 248: Incredible Vaccine Death Report, Read Aloud

Oct 29 • 02:07:56

This 50-page paper by Dr. Zelenko and his co-author David Sorensen , was SO GOOD, but I know most people won’t read something that long, so I read it out loud for you here. Put it on 1.5x speed to shorten its length by one-third, but DON’T MISS THIS!...

Ep. 247: Mark Moss Answering the BIG Q’s About the Economy, Bitcoin, Supply Chains, Gas Crisis, and More!

Oct 27 • 01:22:03

So, Mark Moss is my “youtuber” crypto crush, and a great student of history, macro economics, the New World Order, and crypto currencies….so, you’re in for a treat, a birds-eye view of what’s really going on in the world....

Ep. 246: Get Ivermectin NOW! Not When You’re Sick! Here’s HOW!

Oct 21 • 17:43

I share two proofs that CMS (Central Medicare/Medicaid Services) and NIH approved and approved ivermectin (IVM) for covid AND three sources where you still can get IVM, including my own family-owned pharmacy....

Ep. 245: How to Prepare for the Darkness Coming + What’s Happening in Hospitals!

Oct 20 • 58:22

How to Prepare for Hibernation &  Dark Winter + 1,000 People Stand Up to Utah Senate + What Happens If You Don’t Want the Fauci Protocol? But May Be Hospitalized!...

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