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Interviews with controversial and thought provoking writers, philosophers, and influencers.

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version_4::podcast ft. Default Friend

Apr 30 • 58:00

We're back! In this episode I speak with Default Friend--advice columnist, podcaster and regular stirrer of online controversy. We talked about her being perceived as a fed, dating, inceldom & femceldom, trad, you name it.  version_4 hiatus is over!  


SUBSCRIBE TO DF's SUBSTACK: https://defaultfriend.substac...

version_4::podcast | episode_19::NFT promises? (ha)

Mar 10 • 01:08:39

version_4::podcast | episode_18::F*ck Ikea

Feb 28 • 01:04:18

version_4::podcast | episode_17::Curation, Curation, Curation

Feb 19 • 01:07:51

version_4::podcast | episode_16::Blockfolio Says The Gamer Word

Feb 10 • 01:07:44

version_4::podcast | episode_15::GME All The Money

Jan 29 • 01:08:26

The Reddit 2021 Redemption Arc was not something I foresaw happening this year. WSB has been going brazy so I gave my thoughts on the fiasco and about how mask off the establishment has been. All of their brazen tactics are destroying their narrative control and you LOVE TO SEE IT.


1. Tchaikovsky - The Swan Lake, Op.20 - Act II, No.13 Dances of the Little Swans...

version_4::podcast | episode_14::He Needs Some MLK

Jan 20 • 01:07:49

version_4::podcast | episode_13::Anon-Pessimism

Jan 11 • 01:07:01

Happy New Year! We're already off to an...interesting start. With so many new psyops being run on the public consciousness I figured I'd talk about the events that transpired with the c*pitol, explain the situation facing anons through the lens of "Afro-Pessimism," and point out the bubbling psychological priming you should be on the lookout for before they roll out PATRIO...

version_4::podcast | episode_12::Cannabis Christmas Cringe

Dec 22 • 01:09:34

This week by popular demand I speak on drugs of all kinds. I completely ran the gamut from marijuana and its recent legalization in 4 more states, psychedelics, and opioids. Since the topic was so reddit I decided to inject a dose of culture with samplings from The Nutcracker--you're welcome.

Interludes: All original compositions by Tchaikovsky

1.  Waltz of the Snowflakes - ...

version_4::podcast ft. Scott Howard

Dec 6 • 59:24

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