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VECTOR is an (almost) daily podcast focused on Apple and personal technology.

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My Last Vector

Mar 30 • 02:12

68 thousand subscribers. 34 million views. 370 videos. All since launching this channel back in 2018. And I couldn’t have done any of it without you. All of you. Which is why I’m both terrified and excited as hell to tell you… This… is my very last Vector. Ok, hear me out: A few weeks ago, well before what’s happening now started happening, I made the decision to leave iMo...

Why Google Podcasts is now on iPhone [Interview]

Mar 26 • 43:40

Google Podcasts has just arrived on iOS and I sat down with the founder and head of product, Zack Reneau-Wedeen from Google, to find out all about it, and chat all about podcasts in general....

iPad Pro 2020 Review

Mar 24 • 15:40

Back in 2018, Apple didn’t just do what they’ve usually done with new iPads — make them thinner, lighter, and faster. Well, yes, of course they did, but they also did something more. They made them modern, with smaller bezels, Face ID, and a new, magnetic, capacitive Apple Pencil....

MacBook Air (2020) Review

Mar 23 • 10:32

The MacBook Air, Apple’s most popular Mac, is fully, finally back....

NEW iPad Pro & MacBook Air Are Here!

Mar 18 • 09:06

Apple has cried HAVOK and let slip the devices of March. That includes new MacBooks Air, new iPads Pro, a bumped up Mac mini, and new spring colors for Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases....

NEW Powerbeats 4 vs. Powerbeats Pro — What's the Difference?

Mar 17 • 08:14

So… what exactly are the new Powerbeats 4 and what do they mean in the age of Powerbeats Pro?...

Major iOS 14 Leak Analysis

Mar 14 • 10:35

So, here’s what seems to have happened: An internal build of iOS 14, which previous reports have pegged as “Azul”, the Spanish or Portuguese word for “blue”, got leaked....

How Apple Can Save WWDC 2020 from (Coronavirus / COVID-19)

Mar 11 • 12:53

GDC, the game developer’s conference, is canceled. Facebook’s F8 conference is canceled. Geneva Auto Show, canceled. South-by-south west, canceled. Several U.S. states have declared emergencies. Italy is on lockdown. Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, has effectively issued a short-term ban on events....

How Much Will iPhone 12 Cost?

Mar 9 • 12:38

Rumor has it, Apple will be releasing not three new iPhones like last year, not even four new iPhones, but a whopping 5 new iPhones in 2020. Sure, it’s nothing compared to the 879 new phones Samsung will likely release this year, but for Apple, it’s a lot. Like… a lot a lot....

How iPhone #BatteryGate Went So WRONG

Mar 4 • 10:15

Apple has tentatively agreed to settle the iPhone BatteryGate class-action lawsuit in the U.S. to the tune of $500 million dollars. This follows a €25 million fine last month....

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