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Nolira is an agronomist tasked with establishing agriculture in a new solar system, but when she wakes up on a now- empty colony ship, the whole of her plan disappears. The ship has been set adrift, with numerous mission-critical problems requiring immediate attendance outside of her area ofRead more

Popular episodes

Entry 3-10: What You Are

Oct 27 • 37:07

Months later, the Technocracy makes final plans for Ally and the Emergence....

Untitled EpisodeEntry 3-09: Jiaan

Oct 21 • 31:58

The Technocracy confronts the VAST entity as they near the point of no return....

Entry 3-08: Council

Oct 18 • 38:11

The Technocracy armada has arrived....

Entry 3-07: Incoming

Oct 7 • 27:15

Ally begins to discuss plans for the future while the Bifrost fleet make preparations of their own....

Entry 3-06: In My Mind

Sep 14 • 29:23

Nolira and Arn Feen Stonin deal with the consequences of Lawrence's actions while technocracy forces gather information on their adversary....

Entry 3-05: Fears and Ends

Aug 24 • 27:37

The auxiliary fleet begins to exit the "area of influence" while Arn Feen Stonin confronts Nolira....

Entry 3-04: Precautions

Jul 21 • 30:06

Auden and Dr. Mametja have an important discussion with Sanon, while Lawrence continues to look for a way to stop Ally....

Celebrating 6 Years - An Interview with Fool & Scholar

Jul 9 • 01:07:15

Successes, failures, ideas, and inner workings: Kaitlin and Travis discuss what the last six years of podcasting has been like. We create the shows you listen to, and now you have a chance to get inside our heads....

Entry 3-03: Adrift

Jul 7 • 43:03

The Exilarchy ship and its occupants reach the Walton, as a secret meeting takes place aboard the Simek....

Entry 3-02: Decided

Jun 22 • 32:40

Auden has an enlightening discussion with Sanon while Nolira and Sgt. Lawrence decide the fate of the Exilarchy ship....

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