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UX news, handy tools, and Case Studies. Your go-to hub for all things UX! ✍🏻πŸ‘₯πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ“±πŸ’Έ Host: Austin Fisher | This podcast was created in Anchor.

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(Off-air) iOS 11 Review!

Sep 3 β€’ 19:27

(Off-Air) The Apple Event!

Sep 1 β€’ 16:20

YouTube! (feat. Abbie Goulet)

Aug 1 β€’ 25:56

The UX of Mail!

Jul 22 β€’ 12:30

Customer Service on Twitter

Jul 21 β€’ 17:15

UX of the Gym!

Jul 12 β€’ 13:41

Intimate Technology (off-air)

Jul 8 β€’ 11:45

How to be Happy

Jul 7 β€’ 13:59

Cars in Society!

Jul 4 β€’ 16:26

GBDA β€” The UX Undergrad

Jun 29 β€’ 15:02
Anchor is Awesome! More than just a podcast. β€’ INTRO 🎢 β€’ WELCOME! We have episodes now! β€’ TODAY: GBDA - the UX undergrad program you've wanted. β€’ GBDA - A UX program with many creative disciplines β€’ Karin Schmidlin, UX Professor (GBDA 101): β€’ GBDA grads have a wide skill set for MANY situations. β€’ What would a UX Researcher or UX Designer do? β€’ UX Writer β€”Β Marketing, Scr...

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