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Hi! Welcome to Useless, yet another podcast started by two friends during quarantine. We are a comedy and informational podcast dedicated to bringing you the most useless and random internet deep dives we can think of. Ranging from learning about black holes to doing a deep dive on puritans, weRead more

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The Ohio Special

Aug 4 • 02:11:28

Hey there country girls and guy, and welcome back to another episode of Useless. This week, Nora and I cover two topics that hit near and dear to our special, country fried, useless hearts. Nora tackles Corn, the midwest special and popular star in many horror movies, and Kevin is doing his best to appease our soon to be rulers of the planet, crows. It's a darn tootin thro...

Bonus Episode 2: ... . -.-. .-. . - / ... - .- - .. --- -. ...

Jul 25 • 01:42:20

Welcome back to your "regularly scheduled" podcast! This is the second week we have stayed on schedule, so we are basically professionals. This week, Nora and Kevin got to sit back, relax, and let friend of the pod do all the work! Our good friend, Tyler Fugitt, participates in a not so professional interview, and then blows our minds talking about secret mysterious radio ...

Gaslight, Gatekeep(er), Girlboss

Jul 16 • 02:15:08

Hey there boss babes, and welcome back to another episode of Useless, where you can be your OWN stay at home CEO. All it takes is an initial investment of $300, your first born child, and annoying everyone you went to highschool with to join your pyramid scheme xoxo. Nora and Kevin had a BLAST this week, covering the illustrious Rockin Roller Coast, Cedar Point, as well as...

God Save The Podcast

May 28 • 02:17:18

We're back baby! Did you miss us? Just like Taylor Swift, Useless went media dark as we had an impromptu hiatus, but we are back and better as we enter our Reputation Era. This week pour yourself a spot of tea, because this is a LONG one! As Americans, we have noticed a large cultural phenomenon centered around the royal family, so who better than a couple of Useless Exper...

American Horror Story: Wonka Train

Apr 3 • 01:32:25

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Useless! This week we celebrate one of the best holidays, Aprils fools! Nora and Kevin have been feeling a little under the weather, so sorry if our audio sounds a little.... different than normal! For this episode, Kevin discusses Snowpiercer and it's ties to a beloved cult classic, while Nora tells a tale of all the haunted movie sets you ca...

How to Plan a Con in 30 Days

Mar 19 • 01:43:04

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Useless! This week we really can't CONtain our enjoyment as we CONvey our thoughts on TanaCon and DashCon. With Tana failing to CONsult anyone to help her, and the ball pit being an area of CONcern, we ask ourselves "What Went Wrong?". Yet as we CONtinue to talk about these things, it's still difficult to CONvey why either of these CONventions...

Food Fighters

Mar 5 • 01:56:13

Hi and Welcome back to Useless! This week, if you can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen as Kevin and Nora explore the Cheese Vaults and the Pork Lobbies. Cuddle up like a pig in a blanket and listen to Nora get a little cheesy while Kevin goes hog wild over lobbyists. Ever wonder why bacon is everywhere? Have you considered what it would be like to see a mound ...

Mace Wind-You Belong With Me

Feb 18 • 01:52:54

Hey everyone! Welcome back to your favorite Useless show! This week Nora joins the dark side of the force and Kevin does a dive into T-Swizzles Reputation. Between the INSANITY of a woman liking star wars and nerd culture and a man liking *GASP* Taylor Swift, cultural gender norms are 0 for 2 this week! Sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to Nora and Kevin setting themsel...

Black Hole Bonus Round

Feb 2 • 01:16:15
Welcome to long anticipated Black Holes Bonus Episode! Some of this may sound familiar to, but we bring you new (to you) jokes and deeper discussion in this deep cut from episode 2 - Black Holes and Blow Holes.
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Family Freud

Jan 19 • 01:39:52

Hi friends and welcome back to another episode of Useless! This week Nora spills the tea on the Borgia's and Kevin digs into the Duggar's. A little less existential dread this week but Kevin does manage to make Nora angry (accidentally). Buckle up and sit back for another loooong episode as we discuss can the Pope f*ck, why is the Duggar's house like "that", did DaVinki ha...

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