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Uprising: A Guide From Portland

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Background and breakdown on 100 days of Portland insurrection, going in to the background, history of the current protests breaking down the struggles, successes and infrastructure that has made the uprising in Portland possible.

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Introducing: It Could Happen Here Season 2

Aug 26 • 04:23

Hi, Uprising fans! We're excited to introduce you to season two of It Could Happen Here - a new daily show hosted by Robert Evans. Collapse is all around us. Find out what's coming next, and what you can do to build a new world from the ashes of the old, every day on this show. ...

The End of Uprising

Feb 15 • 55:29

In this episode we cover the struggle to save the Red House, and where things in Portland stand today....

Tactics and Teargas

Feb 7 • 01:07:56

Inspired by past resistance movements, Portland has at different points adopted a variety of tactics used to achieve protest objectives. Broken windows, graffiti, and nearly nightly dumpster fires has lead the perception that Portland is in ruin. But if you dig deeper than the snappy headlines you’ll find the real destruction that’s facing the city and local ecosystem is d...

The Return of the Right

Jan 25 • 54:03

For decades, Portland has been one of the USA's most violent battlegrounds between the white supremacist right and the anti racist left. In 2020, after months of anti police demonstrations, American fascists again took to the streets of Portland for what would be one of the bloodiest brawls in its history....

Resistance Through Mutual Aid

Jan 19 • 01:15:19

Thousands of Portlanders decided their city had failed them. So they decided to take care of each other....

The Fed War: Part 2

Jan 4 • 49:16

Throughout the second half of July, Portlanders continued showing up en masse to confront federal agents downtown. As the struggle neared its conclusion, national media attention brought a strange, carnival air to the proceedings. ...

The Fed War: Part 1

Dec 21 • 53:37

In this episode we discuss how Portland's confrontation with the feds mushroomed from the Battle of July 4th into a massive, nationwide spectacle....

The Battle of July 4th

Dec 15 • 48:26

After more than a month of enduring police violence, Portland protesters finally leveled up enough to fight back. This is the story of the battle of July 4th....

The Birth of an Uprising

Dec 7 • 55:48

Over the course of June, 2020, BLM protests in most of the country either fizzled out or started to wane in frequency. Portland kept right on going, every single night, without break. In this episode we explain the infrastructure of resistance that gave birth to the Portland Uprising, and we talk about the fateful decision that turned President Trump's eyes towards the Cit...

We Do This Every Night

Nov 30 • 42:04

How did a bunch of angry strangers turn into a movement capable of braving unprecedented showers of tear gas and state violence? In this episode, we learn how a chaotic mass of protesters organized themselves into a unit capable of standing up to the worst violence the cops could throw at them....

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