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Newsflash — We have a waste problem in this country. Want proof? In the United States, about 40% of our food supply goes to waste. And that’s just food. We know it's easy to get overwhelmed by how wasteful we are in modern America. Maybe what's missing is some hope, some inspiration, and a helpfulRead more

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Food Gone Good With Apeel

Apr 26 • 55:43

We’ve all had the experience of buying that apple, or avocado, and having it go bad before you can eat it. It’s so widespread that there are memes about it now. 

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes food go bad and what we can do to slow this process down? The folks at Apeel Sciences took this real conundrum of how to make our favorite foods last longer and answered it...

Who Owns Our Farmland? A conversation with Jillian Hishaw.

Mar 8 • 56:27

When it comes to making farming truly sustainable in the long run, the elephant in the room is land ownership. Healthy soil matters, but so does who owns the soil. 

 Did you know that there were nearly 1 million Black farmers in 1920 and fewer than 45 thousand today? Overall Black landowners own only 0.8 percent of land in the US today. 

What accounts for this huge racial di...

Zero Waste Clothing with Zero Waste Daniel

Feb 22 • 42:57

Did you know that over 20 billion pounds of textiles are thrown away in the United States every year? 

Just like the food industry, the clothing industry creates a shocking and honestly overwhelming amount of waste. So what can we do about it? 

After getting frustrated with how much fabric he saw going to waste in the fashion industry, Daniel Silverstein quit his job and sta...

Examining Environmentalism with Isaias Hernandez

Feb 15 • 45:15

Does environmentalism have a racism problem? Is veganism elitist? Why do so many young environmental activists suffer from burnout? 

These are some of the thorny but important issues that Isaias Hernandez fearlessly tackles everyday. He is an educator and speaker who’s passionate about environmental justice, veganism, and zero-waste.

Our conversation was thought-provoking an...

Plant-based Dairy with Miyoko Schinner

Jan 25 • 50:54

Plant-based eating is here to stay....

Understanding Our Grandmothers' Recipes With Hawa Hassan

Jan 18 • 38:34

Nothing makes you feel quite as warm, fuzzy, and cozy as eating some of  your comfort foods from childhood. What is it about these meals that is so magical? How can they bring us meaning and connection even across oceans and decades? ...

Demystifying Diet With Brooklynne Palmer

Jan 11 • 01:07:15

We’ve all heard the phrase, health is wealth. We know that how we eat is one of the biggest things that determines how healthy we are, but it seems like eating healthy is such a moving target sometimes. 

There’s new studies, trends, and diets coming out every week and it can be genuinely hard to separate fact from hype and misconception when it comes to the seemingly simple...

Growing Your Own Food with Epic Gardening

Jan 4 • 54:53

When it comes to sustainability, the holy grail a lot of people dream about is growing your own food. What better way to eliminate food miles, cut out the pesticides, and become self sufficient, right? 

However, as anyone who has ever tried gardening can attest, it’s pretty intimidating at the start. Knowing what to plant, when to plant, and how to get started requires a lo...

Diversifying Wellness with Maryam Ajayi

Dec 28 • 48:03

What is wellness and who is it for? Outside of the colorful healthy smoothies and Lululemon branded yoga classes we see on our Instagram feeds, what does wellness really mean in 2020? 

Maryam Ajayi has a lot to teach us about the wellness world and its blind spots when it comes to racial diversity and inclusion. She argues that the world and industry of wellness has a long ...

Humanizing the Food System With Real Food Real Stories

Dec 21 • 38:58

Real Food Real Stories is an organization on a mission to humanize our food system, one story at a time. We sat down with their founder and director to learn how they're using storytelling to make food more just and sustainable in the long run....

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