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Unusable podcast (UX & usability)


Discussions about the importance of usability & UX in technology & the world around us.

Popular episodes

Github Copilot

Aug 31 • 28:32

Github Copilot is an exciting new tool to accellerate developer productivity. But has it been thought through? Could it be racist, and could it kill someone?...

Common UX mistakes

Jul 16 • 38:28

We talk about some common UX mistakes that people make on websites that we hope will go away....

The Decline of UX

Jun 15 • 33:59

We talk about the article 'Why I'm losing faith in UX' by Mark Hurst, tech ethics & horrible cancellation processes. And toilets....

Product Led Growth

Mar 26 • 37:37

We talk about 'Product Led Growth' whilst getting drunk....

Lockdown upsides

Jan 18 • 39:10

David asks Andrew what changes we should keep after the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown, & how some websites can be really slow on mobile....

Occams Razor

Nov 28 • 47:09

What is Occam's razor? In this episode we discuss simple solutions often being the best....

Hick's Law

Oct 10 • 43:26

What is Hick's Law? In this episode we discuss static website generators, & keeping things simple....

How UX affects SEO

Jun 21 • 31:39

How does UX influence SEO? In this episode of The Unusable Podcast, we discuss how Google takes into account loading speed, mobile optimisation and other factors when deciding what to show first....

Planned obsolescence

May 17 • 41:22

David & Andrew discuss planned obsolescence, the practice of designing products to need replacing sooner to net the manufacturer more money. Is it a devious plot to get us all to spend more & pollute the environment, or just technology progressing? In our Bad Usability Nightmare, Andrew collects meat from a pub car park....

Drinking Whisky & Working From Home

Apr 11 • 50:01

Being forced to work from home due to coronavirus, Andrew & David discuss video chatting using Zoom & Skype, & then the rigmarole of getting things delivered.
It gets a bit silly towards the end, because Andrew has been drinking whisky....

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