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Untangle, is the podcast from the 5-star app, Meditation Studio and Muse, the Brain Sensing Headband. Experts and ‘real people’ share stories about how mindfulness practices have changed their lives. Hear experiences from business leaders, psychologists, neuroscientists, nutritionists, authors,Read more

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Daryl Davis - Healing Hate with Friendship

Nov 30 • 50:57
One of our most important podcasts ever, a riveting story that teaches us how to overcome our divides through respect, patience, and recognition of shared humanity. Daryl Davis is a black man who has gotten over 200 KKK clansmen to leave the KKK by becoming friends with them. Daryl tells incredible stories of these meetings and shares his powerful method for conversing wit...

Patricia Karpas - Thanksgiving Morning Gratitude Practice

Nov 25 • 12:12
From all of us at Untangle, Meditation Studio, and Muse, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! This special Morning Gratitude Practice is from our brand new Gratitude Collection in the app. We hope you’ll all take a moment to remember what you’re grateful for, what gives you joy, and what fills your love bucket. We wish you much happiness and love throughout all the upcoming h...

Shelly Tygielsky - How Meditation and Radical Self Care can Lead to Activism

Nov 23 • 48:05
Shelly Tygielsky is the author of the book 'Sit Down to Rise Up. How Radical Self Care can Change the World'. She’s the founder of the grassroots campaign called Pandemic of Love which is a mutual aid organization she created early on during the Covid pandemic…so that people could help one another. One person needs something; another gives something. Simple! Her organizati...

Frank Fitzpatrick - Using Music as a Tool for Your Emotional, Practical and Spiritual Growth

Nov 16 • 54:01
Music has the power to move us deeply. Music can shift our energy on demand, organize our thoughts, stimulate our body to move, reset our emotional state, and allow us to pass through the day in a more relaxed harmonious manner. Using audio examples throughout the podcast, In this episode, we learn how to use it to its full potential with multi-platinum Hollywood composer ...

Dr. Ellen Hendriksen - Quiet the Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety

Nov 9 • 54:12
Dr. Ellen Hendriksen is a clinical psychologist whose focus is on helping millions of people calm their anxiety so they can be their authentic selves. She serves on the faculty at Boston University's Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders and is the author of the book we discuss today, How to Be Yourself: Quiet the Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety. In this epis...

Adrian Owen -Sleep, Unconsciousness & the Brain

Nov 2 • 45:37
Dr. Adrian Owen, a renowned neuroscientist, discovered that individuals in a persistent coma could still communicate- and he went one step further and listened to what they wanted to say. He’s also performed the largest sleep and cognition study in the world, and demonstrated why brain training apps are bunk, and what we can do to sleep better and improve our own conscious...

Dr. Chris Winter - Why a Good Night's Sleep Might Be All in Your Mind

Oct 27 • 41:00

Robert Hammond — The Guy Who Built a Park in The Sky (and became a meditation teacher!)

Oct 19 • 34:58
Robert Hammond is The Co-founder of Friends of the High Line…the organization that lead the effort to build an elevated park on an abandoned railway line in Manhattan. I was intrigued by his story and his ted talk and by the fact that he’s not that different from the rest of us, but had the passion and hutzpah to help turn an abandoned steel industrial structure with wildf...

Sarah Stein Greenberg - Spark Curiosity, Creativity and Connection to Cultivate Positive Change.

Oct 12 • 46:27
Sarah Stein Greenberg is the author of a new book called “Creative Acts for Curious People. How to Think, Create and Lead in Unconventional Ways’’. A quote from the book sums it up: “In an era of ambiguous, messy problems, as well as extraordinary opportunities for positive change, it’s vital to have both an inquisitive mind and the ability to act with intention. This boo...

Encore - Dr. Ron Epstein - Mindfulness in Healthcare: Can it help?

Oct 5 • 39:56
Dr. Epstein is a family physician, palliative care Dr., author, researcher, and teacher of communication and mindful practice in medicine. His book, Attending, Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity explores how the foundations of mindfulness can help clinicians expand their capacity to provide high-quality care, and how doctors, patients, and their families can more collabor...

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