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Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast

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Listen and learn about different reverse engineering hardware projects and methods as Alvaro (@alvaroprieto) and Jen(@rebelbotjen) talk with guests about their work.

Popular episodes

052 - Twitter Is My Lab Notebook

Oct 26 • 02:06:53

In this episode, we chat with @TubeTimeUS about reverse engineering sound cards, how the MOnSter 6502 came to be, the Snappy Video Snapshot, ethics in engineering, troubleshooting techniques, and much more!...

051 - Collecting Students With Similar Names

Oct 5 • 01:28:17

Our guest, Jiska Classen (@naehrdine) is  a security researcher at University of Darmstadt (why, yes you can specialize in Security here) and focuses  on reverse engineering wireless things. She is a speaker at this year’s  Hardware IO. We did a deep dive on ROM patches on Broadcom chips. If you will want to listen to this episode if you are thinking about using iOS device...

050 - Four Years In

Aug 22 • 53:03

In our 50th episode, Jen and Alvaro chat about the podcast and a bunch of other random things....

049 - Reversing Your Childhood One Game At a Time

Jul 11 • 01:00:58

This episode Jen is hosting alone so she opted to focus on getting answers to all her Animal Crossing hacking questions by bringing in security researcher and reverse engineer, James Chambers.  James discusses various projects including ones that aren’t video game based. ...

048 - A Bad Case of Kubernitis

Jun 6 • 01:16:02

Mark Manning joined us to talk about containers! ...

047 - The Sun, The Moon, The Stars

May 16 • 50:43

Jen and Alvaro chat about what they’ve been up to and a few interesting RE related reads....

046 - Never Reveal the Prestige

Mar 18 • 01:34:20

Cam Hackett and Lucien Brulé from joined us to talk about their process of talking to  a lot of security researchers and reverse engineers to develop a NSF report (why yes we are trying to find/get our hands on it) and how they used what they found to create their RE sharing tool. We tackle the world of RE from a different perspective which includes the import...

045 - Rizin and Cutter

Feb 15 • 01:21:20

Jen and Alvaro chat with Florian Märkl ( and Itay Cohen ( about the open source reverse engineering tools Rizin and Cutter....

044 - Scots Army Knife

Jan 3 • 01:43:38

Piotr Esden-Tempski from 1BitSquared joined us to chat about open hardware tools! Check out Glasgow on Crowd Supply! Piotr has previously joined us on episodes 13 and 17....

043 - Filling In Zeros

Dec 21 • 01:15:43

Our guest was Dmitry Grinberg who shared his pokewalker project which included a H8 family processor  by Renasas. Read his detailed paper  for more info. As we chatted about his previous projects (see episode 2), we discovered he has influenced others. We spend a lot of time chatting about different processor architectures and key choices in older ones (Really just 2, 80...

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