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Podcast about unlocking life from everyday walks of life, and lessons learned

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Men - Teach Your Boys Continued

Dec 3 • 28:33

Stop Worrying About The Temporal

Dec 2 • 19:05

”Ghislaine Trial Is Overhyped”

Nov 29 • 49:07

American Savages

Nov 25 • 27:14

Ghislain Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein GF) Will Walk, So Will The Elite Politicians, Athletes, And Celebrities

Nov 22 • 49:34

Archery And Life Go Hand In Hand

Nov 16 • 16:31

Lima Golf Bravo

Nov 14 • 01:08:32

Thing #1, Thing #2, and Thing #3 Couldn‘t Even Help Libs

Nov 8 • 01:01:09
  • Justice Department admits Kamala was away from Capitol on January 6th
  • Biden's Spending $550 billion in so called climate funding, and $3 billion in Pandemic Preparedness
  • Welcome to climate change distraction again
  • Rand Paul says Fauci must resign
  • 1 sentence bill could halt all of Biden mandates
  • Youngkin beats McAuliffe
  • Tom foolery in NJ Governor race
  • NJ Trucker beats dem with $5k...

The New Store For Patriots - Strictly Patriots Launch Day!

Nov 1 • 56:39

All Hail, The Pooper In Chief

Oct 31 • 01:10:49
  • 175 days of Trump was outrage, but Biden is okay
  • 450K per illegal immigrant says Biden
  • 455k to build a fence around Biden beach house 
  • Biden goes to Europe
  • We love Trump chant breaks out at Biden rally
  • Pelosi and 2 dems halt infastructure bill
  • Billionaire tax incoming- They all are gonna leave
  • You are not vaccinated if you have not had a booster
  • Alec Baldwin is a "saint"
  • Kyle Ritte...

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