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The Innocence Project estimates that there are currently over 20,000 innocent people locked away in US prisons. These cases remain unsolved. Each week, Investigative Journalist Maggie Freleng tells the story of one of those people and takes a deep dive into the crime they were convicted of. ThroughRead more

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Introducing "Murder in Alliance: Ep. 1 Dead in the Water"

May 13 • 30:06
Hey, Unjust and Unsolved listeners! We're so excited to bring you the new show from the Obsessed Network, "Murder in Alliance." The new show dives deep into an episode we covered in "Unjust and Unsolved," reinvestigating the case in real time.  We've got the first episode here for you in this feed, and two more available right now wherever you get your podcasts.

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22: Cheri Hayden

Feb 4 • 42:51
On Feb 23, 2008 a botched robbery took place leaving 68-year-old Patricia Landry dead. Witnesses said the driver of the vehicle that ran her over was a blonde woman in her 20s. Despite the age discrepancy, Cheri Hayden, a 45-year-old woman with deep facial wrinkles, clearly not 20, was arrested, tried and convicted with no evidence other than eyewitness testimony. In fact,...

21: Brandon Spencer

Jan 28 • 42:19
Halloween night 2012, 19-year-old Brandon Spencer and his girlfriend were on the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles attending a Halloween party. Suddenly, shots rang out and it was pandemonium. Everyone scattered, ducked, and hid. There was was chaos and Brandon Spencer a smart kid from a well-to-do supportive family, with a good job get...

20: Sara Bennett

Jan 21 • 44:52
Former appellate attorney and author Sara Bennett captures stunning, honest portraits of women serving life sentences in prison. She and Maggie talk about how women doing time differs from men, re-entry for women, and the humanity of the people we lock up. Sara’s art has been widely exhibited and featured in publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker Photo Booth,...

19: Andre Brown

Jan 14 • 43:45
1990’s Bronx, New York: The most violent decade in the city’s history in one of the most impoverished areas in the nation at the time, and college student Andre Brown was right in the middle. A drug turf war, teens with guns, and a corrupt mob lawyer for the Bonanno crime family - what could possibly go wrong?

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18: Ralph Trent Stokes

Jan 7 • 42:34
On March 11, 1982 three people were murdered during a robbery of a famous Philadelphia restaurant. 19-year-old Ralph Trent Stokes was arrested three days later and at trial after only 45 minutes of deliberation, Ralph Stokes was convicted of three counts of first degree murder and sentenced to death. Roger King was the prosecutor. He held the record for most death sentence...

17: The Prosecutors

Dec 31 • 52:18
Brett and Alice are The Prosecutors. Both are real life prosecutors, co-workers, friends and co-hosts of the podcast "The Prosecutors." This week, Maggie interviews Brett and Alice about being on the other side of the cases Unjust & Unsolved covers. They talk specifically about Darrell Ewing's case from Episode 8. Maggie gave them the transcripts, appeals, and all the docu...


Dec 22 • 02:04

16: Tracy Alan Zornes

Dec 17 • 49:30
On Feb 19 2010, Tracy Zornes and some friends were hanging out drinking. Tracy left to see his girlfriend and when he came back, the apartment he was at was on fire. Tracy, avoiding a previous warrant for burglary, fled. Two weeks later he was arrested and charged in the stabbing, beating and arson murder of his friends Megan Londo and John Cadotte. Years later, a cop and ...

15: Diamantina Salinas Kolojaco

Dec 10 • 39:31
This week's episode is absolutely insane. Diamantina Salinas Kolojaco and her lover Andres Mascorro did almost 2 decades in prison for the murder of her husband, before Proclaim Justice took their case after one of the most notorious serial killers confessed to journalist Alex Hannaford before execution.

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