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Unholier Than Thou

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Some people came out of the pandemic with a new skill, new spouse, or new lease on life. Others came out with a divorce, a drinking problem, or an identity crisis. No matter how the last year has treated you, journalist Phillip Picardi is back to guide you through the spiritual conundrums that tendRead more

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Reunion (with Bambi)

Dec 3 • 50:13

This week, Phill is joined by Bambi, who helped him come out of the closet many moons ago in a magical land called They talk about what it's like growing up the black sheep, finding acceptance and love in the arms of strangers, and what it's like reconnecting with someone who changed your life....

Restitution (with Sarah Pearson)

Nov 26 • 44:36

This week, Phill is joined by his classmate, Sarah Pearson, who works fighting clergy abuse. She and Phill discuss how high up the chain coverup efforts go, how predatory priests are often relocated into communities of color, and what justice for victims may look like....


Nov 19 • 01:27:21

Alcohol consumption increased 23% during the pandemic, particularly among women and those who live alone. People are cut off from their support systems, and many have lost their income. Without social and financial resources, staying in recovery is hard and entering it can be even harder. This week, we have two stories about recovery. First, we have Odette. Odette is part ...

Revisiting (with Reza Aslan)

Nov 12 • 56:18

This week, Phill is joined by author Reza Aslan to revisit the early aughts in the American imagination. In the wake of America's withdrawal from Afghanistan, how do notions of American exceptionalism hold up? Reza and Phill discuss how Christian imperialism has crept its way into allegedly secular politics, look critically at America's outmoded hero complex, and question ...


Nov 5 • 01:02:00

And now for something a little different. This week, Phill is joined by a panel of great thinkers, writers, and theologians to tackle a big question: What role does Christianity have in an increasingly secular America? Do we need it? Does it leave room for those of marginalized identities? Does it welcome those who might have left and want to come back? Can it eschew its i...

Reframing (with Chris Stedman)

Oct 29 • 54:59

Content warning: This episode contains discussions of suicide...

Re-entry (with Michael Arceneaux and Aminatou Sow)

Oct 22 • 53:08

Welcome to covid’s Groundhog Day. Every day’s the same and we constantly have six weeks to go before it’s over. But school’s open, traffic is back, and it’s time to start thinking about what the world looks like on the other side. Here to talk to Phill about reentering a very changed and very similar world are writers Michael Arcenaux and Aminatou Sow. They chat about the ...

Redefinition (with Michelle Williams)

Oct 15 • 50:31

Phill was always bound to interview Michelle Williams. You could call it fate, but we prefer DESTINY, child. The Gospel Girl talks to Phill about the connections between mental health and faith, how god lives in the high notes, and what to do with your life after you check ‘global superstar’ off the checklist....

Resurrection (with Samhita Mukhopadhyay)

Oct 8 • 52:46

In the inaugural episode of our resurrected show, Phill talks to one of his favorite people in the world: Samhita Mukhopadhyay. Samhita made some big changes during covid (like a lot of us). As Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, she was at the height of her career: she had the high profile, the platform, the influence. And then? She stepped away. She and Phill dive in to betti...

Trailer: Season 2 - Resurrection

Oct 1 • 01:26

Someone must have moved a boulder out of the way, because Unholier Than Thou is back from the dead, baby! And we’re celebrating our resurrection with stories about yours. New jobs, new loves, new mistakes, new realizations, new challenges, new gay people talking about Catholic guilt (not all new — Phill’s still here). Join Phill and a stable of stars, friends, colleagues, ...

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