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Unheard: The Fred and Rose West Tapes

In 1994, Howard Sounes began investigating a case of serial murder in an English cathedral city. A married couple, Fred and Rose West, had killed at least twelve women and girls, including their own daughter. They cut their victims up and buried the remains of nine bodies under their house at 25Read more

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12: The Aftermath

Nov 26 • 35:27

In October 1996, Fred and Rose West’s house, 25 Cromwell Street is knocked down by Gloucester City Council. In the years since, what happened to the Wests and to the families of the victims caught up in the murder enquiry? Howard reflects on the legacy of Cromwell Street....

11: Sister

Nov 19 • 33:53

Christmas 1973. Marian Partington’s younger sister, Lucy, was a university student at home for the holidays. She was visiting a friend for the evening and was meant to catch the bus home. But she never returned. 21 years later, Lucy’s body was among the nine uncovered from 25 Cromwell Street. How did Marian confront the horror of what happened to her sister? She reveals a ...

10: The Trial

Nov 12 • 46:57

9: The Unravelling

Nov 5 • 39:13

Derek and Wendy Thomson owned a construction company. One of their employees was Fred West. In February 1994, Derek receives a phone call from Rose. She sounds panicked and wants to speak to Fred urgently. The police have arrived at their home with a search warrant to dig up the back yard. The muder investigation begins......

8: The One That Got Away

Oct 29 • 35:31

Spring 1994, the British media’s appetite for the West case is insatiable. Howard meets Caroline Owens, one of the Wests’ victims who managed to escape. She was assaulted by the Wests in the early 70s and reported them to the police. How did the Wests escape justice for another two decades? ...

7: The Search For Juanita

Oct 22 • 27:37

Belinda Mott’s sister, Juanita, was last seen alive in 1975. She was 18, estranged from her parents and sofa surfing around Gloucestershire, England. In the years after the disappearance, Belinda visited friends who lived at 25 Cromwell Street not knowing that her sister’s body was buried in the cellar. Howard Sounes meets Belinda and her other sister Mary-Ann to hear abou...

6: "They'll Kill Me"

Oct 15 • 28:05

While Gill Britt lodged at Cromwell Street she had no idea that her landlord Fred and his wife Rose were murderers. She noticed Rose’s prostitution and overheard childrens’ screams. But 40 years on, in her first ever interview, she recalls the warning signs she missed at the time. ...

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