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Unemployed with Anna Roisman

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This is a safe space for anyone who has ever lost a job, left a job, or is sitting at their desks bored out of their mind right now! Based on the hit live digital talk show, "The Unemployed Show," where Anna and guests would wear pajamas every week and commiserate about bad jobs, this podcast is aRead more

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Episode 84: Turning Nail Art Dreams into Reality with Winnie Huang

Nov 24 • 01:06:40

This week's guest is the fabulous and incredible Winnie Huang. She is a content creator, nail professional, judge on Canada's Next Top Nail Artist, and Anna's friend from a job! They met working together on the awesome app Airtime, and now they're real life friends. Winnie lives in Canada and is a professional nail artist. (Do yourself a favor and follow her incredible ins...

Episode 83: Child Prodigy Of The Comedy Scene with Ruby Karp

Nov 10 • 00:00

This week we are blessed to have an old friend and one of the funniest, most hardworking comedians on the scene, Ruby Karp! Ruby is a comedian, author of "Earth Hates Me" and senior in college...and yet she had time to be unemployed with us this week! Ruby talks about all of the jobs she's had from her early comedy writing jobs (yes she was a teen), to hosting shows at UCB...

Episode 82: Leaving A Full-Time Tech Job to Start Over Non-Technical(ly) with Alexis Gay

Oct 27 • 01:12:42

We have an amazing episode this week with comedian and podcast host, Alexis Gay! Alexis hosts the amazing podcast "Non-Technical" where she talks to stars in the tech world about everything BUT their resume. So basically the opposite of this podcast! Alexis is super inspiring because she was working in tech, at startups, at Patreon, and decided to take the leap to leave he...

Episode 81: From Planning Butt-Con To Writing For Peacock with Corin Wells

Oct 13 • 01:10:17

This week we have the amazing comedian Corin Wells on the pod! Corin is a writer for The Amber Ruffin Show on Peacock, as well as a voice actor on Tooning Out The News. But on the day we recorded? She was unemployed! We talk all about her time living at home with her parents during the pandemic and then coming back to NYC and landing 2 amazing jobs. (Hello inspiration righ...

Episode 80: A Soccer Star Can Have A Lot Of Feelings with Lorena Russi

Sep 29 • 01:08:14

It's our 80th birthday!!! And we're still unemployed! We have an amazing guest on this week - she's one of the funniest around town, Lorena Russi! You may know Lorena from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or her hilarious digital work. She and Anna met doing comedy shows and spent one of the last days before the pandemic at a bizarre commercial audition that Lorena fully...

Episode 79: Trade Shows, Singing Telegrams, and Butt Doubling with Sandi Marx

Sep 22 • 01:13:42

On the pod this week we have the very funny Sandi Marx! Sandi is one of the most beloved storytellers of the NYC storytelling community! She is a seven-time Moth StorySLAM champion, and had a successful one woman show at Joe’s Pub called, "The Sh*t Show." While she's a performer now, Sandi takes us back to her 10 years as a successful talent agent in New York. But before s...

Episode 78: "You Are Not Your Job" with Noa Shaw

Sep 15 • 01:14:25

For our 78th episode we have an incredible guest - he's a life coach, he's an amazing friend, he's Anna's SoulCycle teacher, he's Noa Shaw! Noa is the author of the book, "Stop Thinking Thoughts That Scare You" (go read it) and hosts the podcast, "I'm Here To Help" which Anna did an episode of. Trust us when we say after getting to know Noa your life will be changed. We di...

Episode 77: "Anything To Keep Me Away From A Day Job" with Rojo Perez

Sep 1 • 01:09:08

This week on the podcast we have the very funny comedian, Rojo Perez (The Tonight Show)! Rojo talks about navigating the pandemic when he had a bunch of tour dates cancelled, but making it work. Anna and Rojo talk about how it's so hard to imagine going back to a day job when you're removed for so long, even if the stability (and meals?) sound enticing! We of course rewin...

Episode 76: *Sponsored By LinkedIn* (Soon?) with Anna & Ellen

Aug 25 • 46:52

This week is a very special episode! Anna and Ellen catch up on what's going on with Unemployment and the news! Spoiler? It's a lot. But recently there have been reports of people who are actually "overemployed" (what?!) and working more than one job remotely at home since the pandemic. Also, some people are doing Twitch shows from hot tubs which is something Anna is consi...

Episode 75: A Singing Waiter Who Moves People With Their Craft with Gianmarco Soresi

Aug 12 • 01:15:33

Happy 75th! This week we have on the very funny Gianmarco Soresi (The Downside Podcast)! Gianmarco is a standup comedian, actor, and former singing waiter! We talk all about his acting days from working in a restaurant where he got to perform to moving to New York and working in catering until acting in a bunch of commercials. Of course, he ended up in comedy because somet...

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