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Under the Influence of True Crime


Two best friends go under the influence to bring you the best true crime cases and their inebriated commentary

Popular episodes

Episode 32: The Lawson Family

Dec 25 • 45:37

Merry Christmas, Murder friends!!...

Episode 31: Michelle O'Dowd

Dec 15 • 39:29

Happy Holidays, Murder Friends! This week, we have for you, a completely unhinged episode. We really should not go this long without release an episode; we were just so excited to tell you everything we've missed!...

Episode 30: The Dating Game Killer

Nov 18 • 56:27

Hiiii, friends! Welcome back and buckle right in, because Kate is bringing you the case of the Dating Game Killer, also known as Rodney Alcala. A photographer who preys on young girls and who somehow managed to get on tv for a game show at the height of his reign of terror across the United States. As always, this is gonna get pretty wild!...

Episode 29: The Liske Family

Oct 31 • 34:28

It's Halloween which means the finale of Spook-tober! ...

Episode 28: Martha Moxley

Oct 26 • 39:21

The third Spook-tober is finally here!...

Episode 27: Mothman

Oct 15 • 24:58

Spook-tober continues! This week, Em tells you the tale of Mothman, the boy who tried to warn the people of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, of the Silver Bridge Collapse. It's up to you to decide if he was real (he was)...

Episode 26: The Missing Sodder Children

Oct 9 • 43:52

Where them kids at? We don't know, but Kate spends 45 minutes guessing! This week we kick off Spook-tober with the Christmas Eve Fire at the Sodder home which results in five missing kids. What happened? Where are they? Let's talk about it!...

A Conversation with Grams

Sep 30 • 31:34

Welcome to  very special episode, Murder Friends! This week, we sit down with Em's Grams for a very fun conversation (she finally tells the world that Em is the favorite)...

Episode 25: Adam Walsh

Sep 23 • 46:03

We're back, Murder Friends! Thanks for letting us take a little break! ...

Episode 24.2: Henry Lee Lucas

Sep 6 • 59:16

Part two is here, Murder Friends! We hope you enjoy the ending to this absolutely crazy case! We are pretty happy to be done hearing about Henry Lee Lucas and all the gross things he does. Thank you so much for your support and let us know what you would like to hear next!...

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