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When we think about marketing, it’s easy to forget that marketing is simply people talking to other people. As a strategist, I’ve seen how research creates tidy buckets of human behaviors, which dictate how brands + people interact. And while there’s value in those tidy buckets, sometimes the goodRead more

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CreativeX: Optimizing Your Visual Marketing Performance

Jun 1 • 40:45

On today’s episode of Uncooked, my guest is Anastasia Leng founder of the creative measurement platform CreativeX. They measure the performance of your visual marketing assets and considering 84% of marketing is visual, it’s important to understand what is really working hard for your media money. During this conversation Anastasia and I discuss how important it is to crea...

Who's Doing Nostalgia Marketing Well with Heidi Waldusky

May 10 • 27:13

Today on Uncooked, Heidi Waldusky returns to have a conversation about the merit behind nostalgia marketing and how brands can benefit from the hype. During our conversation we’re looking at what nostalgia marketing really is in today’s world and how it creates brand loyalty by association. We also discuss the importance of understanding your brand’s personality and consid...

HAYVN Coworking: It Takes More Than Free Coffee to Build a Professional Community

Apr 27 • 31:35

On today’s episode of Uncooked, Felicia Rubinstein shares her inspiration for creating a coworking space for women professionals to connect, create and get stuff done. We discuss the importance of building the HAYVN brand beyond an office space, by delivering valuable resources businesses need to succeed. This brand story is about how anticipating needs and delivering unpa...

Wrap up Episode #4

Apr 19 • 20:34

Today on Uncooked, I’m sharing key insights of the past few episodes and how brands are finding innovative ways to adapt and communicate with consumers today. Tune in to hear the highlights of conversations on Ember’s temperature-controlled mugs, why GreenPal is the Uber of Lawncare, and why you need to meet SUZY, the human face of Consumer Intelligence. We’ll also dive in...

Brand Spotlight: Proud Ounces Helps New Moms Get Back to Work

Apr 5 • 40:17

On today’s episode Kristen Devinney, founder of Proud Ounces, reveals how company support for breastfeeding moms returning to work creates employee retention and needed diversity. Join me as we discuss real obstacles women face and how employers can engage with Proud Ounces to create a better environment. And finally, why it’s important to educate the very top of the organ...

Raw Take: #2020Rewind, Nostalgia and Trends Expected to Stick

Mar 23 • 12:07

Today I’m exploring the key behavioral trends that are expected to impact brands in the foreseeable future. Join me as dive into the importance of our communities, the relationships between personal and brand values, and the new interpretation of work/life balance....

Raw Take: I See Signs of Restlessness + A Little Hedonism

Mar 15 • 10:30

Today on Uncooked I’m exploring what brands are anticipating from “post-pandemic” consumer behaviors and the unclear promises of both lavish expenditures and a kinder, more grateful world. I also dive into the meaning behind Suitsupply’s bold “The New Normal is Coming” ad and highlight how is using humor to get us traveling again. ...

SUZY: The Human Face to Consumer Intelligence

Mar 8 • 31:30

On today’s episode of Uncooked, we’re discussing traditional research versus the value of real-time consumer feedback, brands can quickly act on. Avi Savar, President of Suzy joins me to discuss how his research platform is helping enterprise level brands better understand people’s unmet needs by providing unprecedented, regular access to consumer panels. Listen in as we c...

Brand Spotlight GreenPal: How the Uber of Lawncare Services Is Changing the Game for Small Businesses

Feb 22 • 30:25

Today’s episode of Uncooked is a spotlight on entrepreneurship. Bryan Clayton reveals how he matched thousands of small businesses to home owners needing lawn care service through Uber-like technology. No matter what business you’re in, this episode discusses the grittiness of playing the long game, the value of making customers part of the process, and why you should doub...

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Brand Spotlight Ember Tech Co.: What Temperature Do You Like Your Coffee? Ember Knows.

Feb 15 • 30:29

On today’s episode of Uncooked, we’re discovering why personalization is the key to our brand-loving hearts, starting with a tech company that helps you maintain the perfect temperature for your favorite beverage. Jolene Abbott, from Ember Technologies,joins me to discuss understanding consumer pain points, why details show that brands truly “get” us, and how to approach m...

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