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Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson


The Duck Commander and his sons are unashamed of their Christian faith and want to share the Gospel with everyone, from new believers to longtime followers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, and their special guests go beyond the four walls of the church to share God's Word and study the Bible with you. SoRead more

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Ep 411 | Jase Warns of the Search for Worldly Wisdom & Al Discusses the Animating Force of Life

Jan 17 • 56:42

Phil tells an unexpected story that leaves the room in uncontrollable laughter. Al and Jase explore the Louisiana tradition of king cakes. Phil leads a discussion on secret wisdom hidden within scripture, and Jase touches on the pursuit of worldly knowledge. Al navigates the idea that all creatures have an animating force in their bodies, which is known as a spirit, as opp...

Ep 410 | Phil and Jase Share Some of Their Most Bizarre Baptism Stories

Jan 16 • 51:51

Phil and Al discuss growth and how we are not always held to the decisions made by our younger selves. Jase shares a story of hunting with inexperienced hunters. Al recalls his unusual baptism experience, with a face-first plunge. Jase explains why you should humble yourself, especially after you receive gifts from God. And Jase shares the time he baptized someone who was ...

Ep 409 | Phil Shares How Not to Get Canceled & Jase Confronts a Man About His Foul Mouth

Jan 14 • 57:09

Phil gives Jase a few words of advice to avoid being put on an “indefinite hiatus” after the "Duck Dynasty" incident. Jase describes walking the streets of Corinth, and Al tells of the Greek city lying in ashes for 100 years before being rebuilt by Julius Caesar himself. Jase explains how confrontation is really an opportunity. And Al shares how a broken window led to grat...

Ep 408 | Miss Kay Surprises Jase with an Unusual Gift & a Pre-Baptism 'Bachelor Party' Story

Jan 12 • 57:28

Phil and Jase recall the early years before fortune and fame and doing what it took to make ends meet. Phil remembers the Greatest Generation, from the WWII era, as being more godly. Jase is surprised when Miss Kay gives him an unusual present. Al describes a new friend's "spiritual bachelor party" before his baptism. And Jase and Al talk about a not-so-credible doctor....

Ep 407 | Missy Gives Jase a Gift with One Unexpected Twist & the Time Jase Met Matthew McConaughey

Jan 10 • 55:56

Missy had a special Christmas surprise for Jase, but with an unexpected twist. Jase recalls the time he bumped into Matthew McConaughey during the 2019 Texas-LSU game. Al describes the cross-references between Matthew 28 and Acts 1, and Jase confronts the false belief that the great commission was only for the twelve disciples. Phil articulates how Jesus revealed his ident...

Ep 406 | Phil Is Shocked When 'Alexa' Knows Si & God’s Perspective Outside Time and Space

Jan 9 • 55:34

Phil confronts "Alexa" when she tells him to inform his brother Si about her skills. Al shares his view on God's perspective being outside time itself. Jase and Al discuss how those who deny God still desire good over evil. Al explains his biblical reasoning on why robots will not take over. And Jase recounts a conversation with his daughter, Mia, about whether Jesus is ol...

Ep 405 | Jase Finds a Body in the Road & Phil Takes His Protection into His Own Hands

Jan 7 • 58:23

Jase has an early-morning surprise while heading to hunt, which sparks a discussion about overcoming hardships. Phil reminds us how remotely he lives and quotes himself from "Duck Dynasty." Al and Phil discuss the tomb guards' encounter with an angel, whose skin shone like lightning. And Phil and Jase remind the audience to fulfill the great commission by making all nation...

Ep 404 | Phil Starts a Duck Blind Feud and Finds Out About TikTok

Jan 5 • 56:02

Phil and Jay Stone get into a disagreement in the duck blind, which puts Phil in a bad mood. Jase and Al share what happens to your anger as you age. After the feud, the younger hunters show Phil and Si videos of themselves on TikTok. Jase gives his opinion on self-absorbed people and reminds us that God has called us to his plan. And Jase recalls the time he refused to si...

Ep 403 | Phil Shows How Jesus Uncanceled His Haters & Living Separate Lives Through Social Media

Jan 3 • 55:21

Phil and Jase discuss the disappointing duck season, and they have a solution that works for many situations. Jase and Phil explain how the men around Jesus had ears, but they weren’t listening. Al and Jase dive into the reality of our second lives on social media. Phil talks about his forthcoming book and how Jesus uncanceled the people who canceled him. Jase explains bor...

Ep 402 | Why Jase Struggled to Make Friends in High School & Willie Cannot Cook Using a Recipe

Jan 2 • 51:30

Al and Jase discuss Willie's incessant need to add ingredients to any recipe he uses. Phil and Al talk about Miss Kay's birthday and the one time Phil went shopping to buy her a gift. Jase explains how Si's complaining about the placement of decoys almost ruined their no-arguing streak. Jase and Al look at the past year and how rapidly their family is expanding. Jase descr...

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