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UNspoiled! Harry Potter


Natasha and Roshawn read the Harry Potter series one chapter at a time. Natasha knows everything, Roshawn knows nothing!

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Harry Potter Movies 7 & 8

Jun 13 • 03:03:19

Harry Potter Movies 4-5

Jun 13 • 02:29:10

Harry Potter Movies 1-3

Jun 13 • 02:07:26

Hogwarts Night School For Late-Blooming Witches And Wizards

Oct 5 • 01:04:11
Greetings, lovely listeners! It's time for the long-promised recording of the Dallas LeakyCon panel that RoShawn and I did with Mark Oshiro of Mark Does stuff! You can find Mark here and you can find his book Anger Is A Gift here!
Thanks so much for listening, and don't forget to pledge on Patreon (or up your pledge) at www.patr...

LeakyCon- Revisiting Ilvermorny ft. Bayana & Robyn of BGC

Sep 23 • 01:01:22
I'm so sorry this took me a month to post, but I'm hoping you can forgive me and enjoy this wonderful episode. I'm a huge fan of Bayana and Robyn, and if you're interested in finding out more about them and listening to their show, head on over to

This panel was about all of the cool opportunities that J.K. Rowling missed when she was ...

John Wick 1, 2, & 3

Aug 23 • 01:37:09
Hey there, you beauties! I'm here with a very special episode, which RoShawn and I did as part of an all-day John Wick Marathon fundraiser! We're raising money for Project Corazon, a targeted effort by Lawyers For Good Government, which provides funding to lawyers who want to represent detained immigrants but who can't afford the expense of travel and hotels. Please help u...

BONUS: Wizards Unite & UNspoiled! Updates!

Jun 24 • 01:02:30
Hey everyone! It has been a while, and RoShawn and I are here to just chat a bit about the super fun new game that came out from Niantic, and we're also going to tell you about some upcoming changes to the UNspoiled! Patreon page, some meetups, and what's going on at LeakyCon! For those of you who are Patrons, don't worry, this episode isn't replacing the Half-Blood Prince...

Quick Announcement!

Jun 11 • 06:02

Live At LeakyCon! Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Sep 24 • 01:04:18
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get this episode up, but I really hope you enjoy it. Spoilers: RoShawn and I hated this book deeply and plan to pretend we never read it at all. However, something good did come of it; LeakyCon was amazing and we will be back next year, so hopefully we will see some of you there!
If you'd like to check out the September Accio! unb...

UNsober! Squad-Cast: E01

Apr 20 • 52:51
It's a momentous day. Today is the first time I will be releasing a podcast that doesn't have anything to do with any sort of media whatsoever, and is instead just a conversation between RoShawn and me.

I'm only putting the first episode as wide-release so that everyone can get a sense of it, but from Episode 2 onward they will be an exclusive perk to $20+ Patrons. Here's ...

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