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Oct 7 • 01:34:04
Hey everyone! I'm here with a surprise bit of book coverage with my favorite pair of boy reviewers, Craig and Andrew from Overdue! You can check out their show here!

This episode, we talk about the YA novel Eragon, in which the plot is so derivative that we use the wrong names by accident several times. Craig is much more on board than Andrew and...

James And The Giant Peach (with Overdue!)

Oct 22 • 01:06:21
Hey there, you gorgeous creatures! I'm here with the final episode of UNspoiled! Book Club, and I'm delighted to be wrapping things up with the wonderful gents from Overdue, Craig and Andrew. If you'd like to listen to more of them (and you should, they're great) you can find them at
This episode we're talking about James And The Giant Peach, by Roal...


Sep 20 • 02:29:50
Thanks so much to Candace for agreeing to cover this absolutely bananas book with me. I cannot emphasize enough how unlike anything I've read this book is in terms of its scope and tone. While there are certain things it has in common with His Dark Materials, it's far more adult, dark, and feminist.
I hope you enjoy the coverage, and I will see you in late October with Jam...

The Wind In The Willows

Aug 24 • 01:13:18
Hey there, lovely people! RoShawn was super sick but bravely met with me for this episode anyway, and I'm so glad. I loved this book, and I can't believe that I hadn't read it already considering all of the boxes it ticked in my "favorite things" column: talking animals, Edwardian clothing, english countryside, cozy homes, funny low-stakes hijinks. It's got it all!
This is ...

Watership Down

Aug 19 • 01:39:55
I just want to warn you all that about 5 minutes from the end of this episode, tragedy strikes and RoShawn's internet goes down. She wound up being without internet for almost three hours, and thankfull got it back just in time to record UNsober with me that evening.
This book was a rough one. I can see the appeal, and the way RoShawn talks about her connections with some ...

The Poisonwood Bible

Aug 4 • 01:57:02
Thank you so much to Bitches for joining me on this episode, and bearing with me while I work out some very tough personal shit that came up as a result of this book hitting on some really familiar and uncomfortable themes.

If you haven't read this book, you're doing yourself a disservice. It's not just about personal experiences of characters whom we get to know and care ...

A Wrinkle In Time

Jun 29 • 01:57:28
Hey there lovelies! Miles and I are here to talk about Childhood favorite A Wrinkle In Time, a book we had both loved but not revisited for at least a decade. How did it hold up?

In truth, it held up GREAT.

There's shockingly few problematic elements for a book written when this was and under the particular scrutiny that our generation is prone to use when examining works...

Quick Announcement!

Jun 11 • 06:02

White Oleander

May 18 • 01:41:33
Sooooooo funny story about this one. I got the audiobook AND the kindle version, but relied on the audiobook because I had a packed week and it was easier to listen while I took care of chores and housework. UNFORTUNATELY, it turns out that the version I listened to was abridged, and this fact was not included in the title nor was there even a full-length version available...

The Borrowers

May 4 • 01:14:06
Hey folks! So, unfortunately I had a bit of a hiccup with the person who was supposed to guest-host this episode. They had a personal emergency and forgot to let me know they wouldn't be available, so I was sitting in front on my camera with Crowdcast turned on when I found out. I decided to go on and record by my lonesome, and I think it still went pretty well.
This book ...

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