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From scrap metal to timber, estate planning to freight pooling, this show is a meandering exploration of just how sexy unsexy industries can be. Host Elaine Zelby, investor at SignalFire and eternally curious human being uncovers the stories of niche and esoteric markets understanding the historyRead more

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Jesse Solomon - Co-founder, Mickey

May 12 • 31:11

In this episode I speak with Jesse Solomon, the Co-founder of Mickey, a B2B commodities marketplace that manages supply, freight bookings, and payments, making it fast and easy for customers to purchase, track, and acquire the commodities they need. We discuss how Jesse went from the music industry on the creative artist agency side and fell into an opportunity to disrupt ...

Lejjy Gafour - Co-founder and CEO, Future Fields

May 7 • 25:58

In this episode, I speak with Lejjy Gafour, Co-founder and CEO of Future Fields, a company creating the future of food by developing custom custom growth media solutions for the cellular agriculture industry in a cost effective and scalable way. We discuss what cellular agriculture is, how it's done today, what can be done to make the unit economics cost effective, and wha...

Tyler Ellison - Founder and CEO, ChemDirect

Apr 6 • 28:08

In this episode I speak with Tyler Ellison, the Founder and CEO of ChemDirect, a digital marketplace for the chemical industry connecting hundreds of thousands of products from vetted and reputable manufacturers with buyers who can transparently shop, compare and purchase. We discuss Tyler's decades-long experience in the global logistics and chemicals industries, how the ...

Cliff Fetner - Founder and CEO, Soil Connect

Mar 24 • 31:33

In this episode we go down the rabbit hole of dirt! I speak with Cliff Fetner, the Founder and CEO of Soil Connect, a digital marketplace that provides a better, faster and cheaper way for construction professionals to transport and acquire soil, aggregates and other building materials, saving customers tens of thousands of dollars while substantially reducing the construc...

Alex Naoumidis - Co-founder and CEO, Mindset Health

Mar 11 • 29:08

In this episode, I speak with Alex Naoumidis, Co-founder and CEO of Mindset Health, a company building mobile hypnotherapy programs to help people with chronic conditions manage and improve their health, without drugs or diets. We discuss the power of the mind-body connection, the difference between hypnosis and meditation, and what it's like building a company with his br...

Tim Henry - Co-founder and CEO, Haul

Feb 26 • 28:31

In this episode, I speak with Tim Henry, Co-founder and CEO of Haul, a platform that allows truck drivers to find flexible CDL jobs without owning their own truck. They are rethinking the employment model for the 3.5 million commercial truck drivers in the United States. We discuss all of nuances of the players that make up the trucking industry and how autonomy will or wo...

Jordan Taylor - Co-founder and Head of Product, SESO

Jan 27 • 34:51

In this episode, I speak with Jordan Taylor, Co-founder and Head of Product at SESO, a company building a better labor marketplace for agriculture. SESO provides agriculture employers with an end-to-end labor solution which encompasses recruiting, visa automation, and workforce/compliance management software. We discuss Jordan's journey into the AgTech space through his ti...

Kevin Gibbon - Co-founder & CEO, Airhouse

Jan 15 • 42:57

I speak with Kevin Gibbon, Co-founder and CEO of Airhouse, a modern, all-in-one e-commere operations platform that helps direct-to-consumer companies get orders from their factory to your front door. Kevin is no newbie when it comes to the e-commerce logistics space having founded Shyp in 2013 and shutting it down in 2018. In this episode we discuss his learnings along the...

Chris Herd - Founder and CEO, Firstbase

Dec 22 • 29:33

In this episode I discuss all things future of remote work with Chris Herd, the Founder and CEO of Firstbase. We discuss why remote work is here to stay and what benefits employees and companies get from enabling their employees to live where they want and engage in the communities that most align with their interests and values. We get a masterclass on using Twitter to bu...

Stephen Greenwood - Founder and CEO, Ballast VR

Dec 9 • 40:26

Who doesn't love a water park? Now imagine you're going down the water slide but with a VR headset on! That is what Stephen Greenwood, the CEO and Founder of Ballast VR is creating with his first-of-its-kind virtual reality for water parks experiences. After trying to find a way for people with motion sickness to experience VR, Stephen discovered that if you're in water, t...

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