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UnPresidented: Creating change that empowers the Resistance


Gun control expert Cliff Schecter and LGBT advocate John Aravosis give you an unfiltered and humorous insider's look at the latest political news from a decidedly anti-Trump perspective.Please support the show, and listen to our full episodes, by subscribing at Patreon, thanks:Read more

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Devin Nunes and Mark Meadows are so pwned by Donald Trump

Dec 8 • 58:45

On today's show, we spend a lot of time on two topics. First, GOP Congressman Devin Nunes quitting Congress in a matter of weeks, in order to become the CEO of Trump's new social media company. Cliff and I are skeptical as to why Nunes is doing this. Then we talk about former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows announcing that he'll no longer cooperate with the J...

Did Trump try to give Biden Covid?

Dec 6 • 17:10

In today's episode, we talk about the news that Trump appears to have known he might have Covid before he attended his first debate with Biden. We also get into some weird news about televangelist Joel Osteen, and why the new jobs numbers aren't as bad as some are saying....

Fox News' latest lies about the Omicron variant

Dec 1 • 30:43

On today's show, we talk about the Omicron Covid variant, and the latest GOP effort to get its base killed. This leads us into a much larger discussion about Democratic messaging surrounding Covid, the GOP's utter failure to address the pandemic, and how Democrats SHOULD be messaging, but aren't....

The Rittenhouse Verdict

Nov 22 • 17:20

Today's show is about the Rittenhouse verdict, and the threat that gun-culture poses to our democracy....

Corruption in Politics, with author Brian Klaas

Nov 18 • 36:15

Political scientist, and professor at University College London, Brian Klaas, talks to us about his new book, "Corruptible" -- a look at what causes human beings, from political leaders to your local condo board -- to be corrupt, and how do we create new systems in which such corruption no longer thrives. A good deal of our discussion focuses on the American experience, an...

GOP Rep. Gosar "jokingly" calls for Biden/AOC to be assassinated

Nov 9 • 15:33

In today's show, we discuss the outrageous behavior of GOP Rep. Paul Gosar, and whether the Republican party, and Twitter, ever plan to hold him responsible for his actions. And then we get into a larger discussion of the disappointment that is Merrick Garland, and the joy that is the passage of the Infrastructure Bill....

Why Dems lost this past Tuesday

Nov 4 • 16:00

In today's show, Cliff and I are joined by Chicago Tribune humor columnist Rex Huppke, to discuss what happened in Tuesday's elections in Virginia and New Jersey, why Democrats did so badly, and what can be done to fix it. You might not be surprised to hear that both Cliff and I think the Democrats, yet again, failed at messaging....

The all-important Virginia election

Nov 2 • 19:26

Today's show is about tonight's pivotal Virginia governor's election, and why it matters -- and the ongoing mess over the Infrastructure bill(s), and why Democrats are messaging so poorly on it (the media isn't helping)....

Polarization: Can America survive Trumpism? Interview with Georgetown Prof. Thomas Zimmer

Oct 29 • 17:26

Georgetown Professor Thomas Zimmer joins us to talk about polarization and extremism, and what insights American and world history provide as to whether (and how) the US can survive Trumpism and its anti-democratic impulses. Thomas is great, this is a really interesting interview, IMHO....

Losing our democracy while nobody is watching

Oct 27 • 16:11

Former Ohio Democratic party chair David Pepper joins us to talk about his new book, "Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wake-Up Call from Behind the Lines," about how Republicans are stealing our democracy at the state level while nobody is watching....

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