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Matthew Crawford: the dangers of Safetyism

Jun 22 • 35:40
Freddie Sayers speaks to Matthew Crawford, a motorcycle mechanic turned philosopher with a unique perspective on the current moment. Instead of talking in terms of partisan politics, he talks in terms of lived experience and what a good life feels like.

I’ve been a fan since his first book, and was delighted to have this wide-ranging conversation about risk, autonomy and an...

Ross Douthat: are the BLM protests a religious movement?

Jun 7 • 32:12

The importance of place

Dec 21 • 33:23
Host Ayesha Hazarika is joined by Douglas Alexander, chair of Unicef UK and former Labour Party cabinet minister, and Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future think tank, to discuss their under-reported stories of the week.

Douglas discussed the importance of belonging and place, while Sunder asked why so few people are talking about the fate of the British in the EU post...

Why is UKIP embracing the YouTube Right?

Dec 7 • 44:27

NEW UnHerd Podcast: Confessions with Giles Fraser - Trailer

Dec 4 • 01:24

We're not the only ones having problems with the EU

Nov 26 • 42:33
Ayesha Hazarika is joined by Novara Media Editor Ash Sarkar, and Paul Embery, trade union official and UnHerd columnist, to discuss their under-reported stories of the week.

Ash brought up the EU potentially fining Italy for setting an illegal budget, while Paul wanted to talk about the London Ambulance Service considering whether to tell its call handlers to avoid calling ...

The new men's rights activists

Nov 12 • 40:19
Ayesha Hazarika is joined by journalist Julie Bindel, and Trevor Phillips, former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to discuss their under-reported stories of the week.

Julie raised the case of a transgender woman in Canada who has filed human rights complaints against 16 beauticians for refusing to perform a Brazilian wax service. Trevor wanted to talk ...

Is technology making us lonely?

Oct 22 • 34:54
Ayesha Hazarika is joined by Will Tanner, former advisor to Theresa May, and Resolution Foundation Director Torsten Bell, to discuss their under-reported stories of the week.

Will talked about the government's Loneliness Strategy that launched on Monday, that revealed 22% of UK adults considered themselves lonely, and 3.8 million over-65s consider the TV their main form of ...

The Italian village that dared defy Salvini

Oct 15 • 30:07
Ayesha Hazarika is joined by Melissa Benn, campaigner and author of Life Lessons: The Case for a National Education Service, and journalist James Bloodworth, to discuss their under-reported stories of the week.

James highlighted Amazon's pay-rise for its warehouse workers, while Melissa raised the case of the Italian village of Riace, whose mayor has been defying Italy's ha...

Can an algorithm predict child abuse?

Sep 21 • 33:32

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