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The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago (BFI) serves as a hub for cutting-edge analysis and research across the entire UChicago economics community to uncover new ways of thinking about the field. Featuring conversations and lectures from premier BFI events, thisRead more

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Can Economics Save the World? A Panel Discussion with 2019 Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee

Dec 19 • 01:07:43
The United States is facing a range of challenging policy issues, from trade to inequality to climate change. The good news is that academic economists are doing cutting-edge work to help solve the challenges of the day, at the University of Chicago and institutions around the world. Over the past 20 years, there has been increasing momentum toward evidence-informed policy...

Crony Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics, Featuring Chang-Tai Hsieh

Mar 7 • 52:15
The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI), the Chicago Economics Society (CES), and the Booth Alumni Club of Washington, DC, welcomed Chang-Tai Hsieh, Phyllis and Irwin Winkelried Professor Of Economics, Chicago Booth School of Business, for cocktails and a conversation on Crony Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics. David Rank, former Deputy Chief of Mission and...

Friedman Forum: How Do Individuals Repay Their Debt, Featuring Neale Mahoney

Mar 7 • 50:24
When faced with debt across multiple credit cards, do people pay down their balances in a way that makes financial sense? On February 1, BFI hosted Chicago Booth Professor Neale Mahoney for a Friedman Forum luncheon lecture on his recent working paper, “How Do Individuals Repay Their Debt? The Balance-Matching Heuristic.”

In the paper, Professor Mahoney and his colleagues e...

A Conversation with Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler

Nov 19 • 01:04:15
Traditional economics assumes rational actors. In daily decision-making, however, we all make decisions influenced by our biases and beliefs, whether which car to buy or who to vote for at the polls. As a result, outcomes often deviate from the standards of rationality assumed by economics.

Combining discoveries in human psychology with a practical understanding of economic...

Becker Brown Bag: Learning From Data, Featuring Steve Levitt

Nov 19 • 57:01

Discussion Section Uncut: Nancy Stokey

Dec 18 • 01:11:47

Economics Amplified: Rick Evans on How Computer Science is Transforming Economics

Oct 12 • 20:26
Richard Evans is a Senior Fellow in Computational Social Science at the University of Chicago, and Fellow here at the institute. Evans sees immense potential in the methods, practices, and even workflows that computer engineers have implemented in their own discipline, and is working to bring those skills into Chicago economics through his role both here at the institute a...

Discussion Section Uncut: Edward Lazear

Sep 19 • 01:01:07
Edward P. Lazear is a labor economist and a founder of the field known as personnel economics. His research centers on employee incentives, promotions, compensation and productivity in firms. In this episode, Lazear and Kevin Murphy talk about the legacy of human capital and labor economics at the University of Chicago, as well Lazear’s experience crossing from academia to...

Economics Amplified: Building Policy Beyond Best Intentions

Aug 1 • 13:45
Amanda Agan is interested in the ways that laws and regulations play out in the real world, often yielding unintended consequences. She visited the institute this spring and spoke about her recent work to evaluate policies that eliminate questions about previous criminal convictions from job applications Advocates of these “Ban the Box” policies have argued that these laws...

Discussion Section Uncut with Kevin Murphy and Casey Mulligan

Jun 23 • 01:19:48

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