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U Up? is the definitive modern dating podcast presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining theRead more

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Why Am I Offended If I Don't Even Like Him?

Jul 21 • 57:38

Jared and Jordana start this week’s episode with a conversation about Jordana’s pre-wedding feelings and prep. The first email is from a listener whose ego is bruised after a guy she thought was really into her updated his dating app profile. They’re not exclusive, and she’s still using the apps, so why does it still feel personal? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves an ...

How To Know If The Timing Is Off Or If They're Just Not That Into You

Jul 18 • 25:29

On this week’s Sunday Special, Jared and Jordana break down the text messages between a listener and a guy she met through mutual friends at a wedding. After 3 dates, he sends her a text saying he’s not ready for a new relationship after his last ended, but that he’ll let her know when he’s ready to “pursue.” Is there still hope for something in the future? Or is he just l...

Lightning Round: Your Summer Dating Questions Answered

Jul 14 • 01:20:14

What To Do When You Catch Feelings And They Don’t

Jul 11 • 19:22

Jared and Jordana are back with another Deal Reveal on this week’s Sunday Special. A listener shared screenshots of her conversation with a guy she was seeing long-distance for about two months. It was supposed to be casual, but she caught feelings and his reaction was confusing. If he says he didn’t want to end things, why would he still be using Tinder? Can she still bri...

Why Don’t My Friends Like The Guy I’m Seeing? Ft. Iliza Shlesinger & Margaret Cho

Jul 7 • 01:23:59

On this week’s episode, J&J start out with a recap of Jordana’s bachelorette party. The first emailer asks how she should respond to her friends’ concerns about a guy she’s seeing. Why won’t they elaborate on their warnings? And should she give him a chance to explain himself? A listener’s fiancé confesses a dirty little secret during the Awkward Sexual Encounter. Then, a ...

Am I Settling Or Did I Just Find The Right Person Early? Ft. Lori Gottlieb

Jul 4 • 32:17

On this week’s Sunday Special, Jared and Jordana are joined by psychotherapist and author Lori Gottlieb. They start out with a discussion of what type of relationship issues Lori sees in therapy and how COVID has impacted them. Then they get into Lori’s book Marry Him and what you should actually look for in a long-term partner. Later, they answer an email from a listener ...

How To Tell If A F*ckboy Has Actually Changed

Jun 30 • 01:21:10

On this week’s episode, Jordana and Jared start out with a tale about Jordana’s phone and her plans for her bachelorette party. Then they answer an email from a listener asking if a f*ckboy can change his ways. Does him not wanting to hook up mean he’s more into her or less? The Awkward Sexual Encounter almost ended with penis surgery. Then (content warning) at around the ...

Am I Being Avoidant Or Do I Just Not Like Him?

Jun 27 • 23:33

How To Keep Your Summer Fling From Fizzling Ft. Jared’s College Ex, Ashley Bisman

Jun 23 • 01:13:44

On this week’s episode, J&J start with an email from a listener asking how to keep the dating momentum going while you’re traveling. Should she try to keep in contact while she’s out of town? The Awkward Sexual Encounter is a dinner disaster. Later, a listener asks how to deal with being stereotyped by people she’s dating. Are stereotypes the real reason this guy doesn’t w...

Should I Call Out A Breadcrumber?

Jun 20 • 18:03

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