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U Up? is the definitive modern dating podcast presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining theRead more

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When To Take The Loss In Dating

Nov 28 • 31:55

Jared and Jordana start out this week’s Sunday Special with a discussion about Thanksgiving plans and traditions. Then, a listener asks if she was the f*ckboy in the situation and whether or not the guy’s response was justified. Is it ever okay to send a Venmo request for a meal you originally agreed to pay for? Finally, they play a round of Sunday Swiping Scaries featurin...

The Pros & Cons Of Meeting On The Apps

Nov 24 • 01:22:58

On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana are back in the brand new Betches office recording IRL. They start out with a discussion about two NY Post articles about “golden penis syndrome” and divorce rates among couples who met on dating apps. Then they discuss the new Hinge voice recording feature and whether or not they would use it on their own profiles. The Awkward Sex...

How To Handle A Breakup With A Coworker

Nov 21 • 30:02

On this week’s Sunday Special, Jared and Jordana are helping a listener who’s going through a break up with a coworker. After a pretty rough break up on her birthday, he’s been completely avoiding her at work and making things uncomfortable. How should she reach out to him to end the awkwardness? Plus, they discuss his motives for ignoring her. Finally, they play Sunday Sw...

Lightning Round: Thanksgiving Invites, Holiday Gifts, And Nosey Family Members

Nov 17 • 57:43

On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana are back with another Lightning Round answering 10 questions submitted by our Instagram followers all about dating during the holiday season with topics ranging from buying gifts to dealing with nosey family members. Plus, they discuss deciding where to spend the holidays when you’re in a relationship, keeping dating momentum going...

How To Stop Wasting Time On People Who Aren’t Making You A Priority

Nov 14 • 38:21

Jared and Jordana are back with another Sunday Special, and this week they’re analyzing the texts between a listener and a guy who keeps canceling because he’s busy and exhausted. Will he want to date when the time is right or is he just looking for a hookup? Later, J&J play a new game called Sunday Swiping Scaries where they discuss dating app prompts submitted by our Ins...

Do Exes Always Come Back? Ft. Ricky Velez

Nov 10 • 01:10:18

Jared and Jordana start this week’s episode with a discussion about the differences between Jordana’s eating habits and her fiancé’s. The first emailer asks if walking away to get a guy to commit ever works. Does it actually mean anything when guys come back? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a misplaced piece of gum. Another emailer asks if being disinterested in sex ...

When Should Couples Start Mixing Finances? Ft. Berna Anat

Nov 7 • 46:44

On this week’s Sunday Special, Jared and Jordana are joined by Berna Anat, the host of Betches’ new financial podcast Money Please. They start with a discussion about how Berna ended her long-term relationship and how they mixed and unmixed their finances. Then they answer an email from a listener whose boyfriend is resisting starting a savings account with her. Is his hes...

Is Dating Easier For Men?

Nov 3 • 01:31:57

On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana start out with a discussion about Jordana’s final weeks of wedding planning and whether or not dating is easier for guys. The first emailer asks if her boyfriend is too close to his mom. Will she ever be his go-to for advice and support? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a hat-fish situation. Later, a listener asks how seriousl...

The Best Way To Approach Failed Situationships

Oct 31 • 32:36

Jared and Jordana are back with another Sunday Special, and this week, they start out with a discussion about why they love Halloween and their costume plans. This week’s emailer asks if you can set your standards too soon. In her relationship with a self-proclaimed avoidant dater, she tried to call him out for keeping her at a distance and asked if he saw their relationsh...

What Is “The Reveal”?

Oct 27 • 01:26:58

On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana start out with a chat about the updated Betches office and a recent dating app interaction Jared had. The first emailer asks if “we weren’t exclusive” is the new “we were on a break.” Is exclusivity a technicality? And are there different expectations for people you meet IRL versus on the apps? The Awkward Sexual Encounter is a dru...

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