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Mark and Allen talk about the latest news in the VoiceFirst world from a developer point of view.

Popular episodes

Episode 71 - Terminology (Part 1)

Dec 2 • 37:21

We use a lot of strange terms in the #VoiceFirst world, so Mark and Allen start diving into some of what them mean and what they mean to us as developers.  ...

Episode 70 - A Moment of Thanks

Nov 25 • 15:35

Episode 69 - An Intent by Any Other Name

Nov 18 • 24:31

The concept of an Intent in the #VoiceFirst world seems straightforward - it is what a user is trying to express. But how Amazon Alexa has implemented the concept is slightly different than how the Google Assistant and Dialogflow have. Allen and Mark explore some of these differences as Allen works to prepare multivocal, a development library, for use with Alexa....

Episode 68 - My First Steps in Voice

Nov 11 • 20:58

It is difficult to believe that the Google Home launched just over 5 years ago, and Alexa just celebrated its 7th birthday. Allen reminisces about his first steps writing for the Google Assistant with info about how he created a #VoiceFirst presentation, where his voice changed the slides, and how things have evolved since.  ...

Episode 67 - Pre PostAPL Posting, Posted Post PostAPL

Nov 4 • 29:46

Ever have an idea that you just can't shake? Mark had an idea for an APL processor based on the PostCSS processor, but it wasn't quite working out the way he expected it to, so he and Allen chat about it a bit. But in between when they first discuss it, and when they return to record another episode - he's resolved the problems and released it. Get some insight into both p...

Episode 66 - Cheering Up Designing Speech Markdown

Oct 28 • 24:43

Sometimes you get into a funk, and you need a little bit of self-care to just deal with a week. Maybe you like talking to a friend when you're in that kind of mood. For Mark and Allen, a chat is just the sort of thing to lift their spirits. Even more so when they're talking about coding and how to tackle a design problem for one of the #VoiceFirst open source projects they...

Episode 65 - Widgets and Other Wonders

Oct 21 • 45:21

Episode 64 - Hardware: Building It and Buying It

Oct 14 • 41:31

Mark is joined by fellow Alexa Champion Darian Johnson to talk about Darian's various hardware projects, from a smart mirror to an Enterprise computer, and the latest hardware announcements from Amazon and Alexa, including the Echo Show 15 and their robot Astro.  ...

Episode 63 - Back to (APL) Basics

Oct 7 • 26:20

Episode 62 - ˈfoʊnimz ænd mɔr

Sep 30 • 28:34

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