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Join us as we revisit David Lynch and Mark Frost's unsettling murder mystery serial, Twin Peaks. Each week we'll watch and discuss one episode—send questions and comments on the current episode to to be part of the conversation!

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Twin Peaks Rewatch 54: Wrap-up Mailbag

Sep 16 • 01:03:55
Now that Twin Peaks The Return has concluded, we look to the true hero of the show—Deputy Chad—to provide a model of how we should close out the final episode of Twin Peaks Rewatch. So, like Chad, we've been rooting through all the mail that's come in lately and pocketing the most interesting letters, right under your noses! Join us for our final thoughts on Twin Peaks (fo...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 53: The Return, Part 18

Sep 8 • 01:30:39
Twin Peaks has ended, it was confusing, upsetting, and we have a lot of questions, but we loved it. Wait, what year is this? Join us for a discussion of the series finale of Twin Peaks, as we walk through Part 18 piece by piece, with many stops along the way to ruminate on everything that's come before, what it all means and feels like now that we're at the end.

Next week w...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 52: The Return, Part 17

Sep 8 • 01:22:12
It's time for the first half of the end. Twin Peaks' final curtain call aired as a two-part double-long event, and we ended up with so much to say about these final episodes, we followed suit and split our podcast into two parts as well. In this episode, almost every major plot thread we've seen this season culminates in an epic showdown at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Departm...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 51: The Return, Part 16

Aug 30 • 01:21:33
As Twin Peaks approaches what may be its final episode ever, it delivers an hour stuffed to bursting with amazing moments that are, in and of themselves, cathartic and revealing , but also illuminate past moments from earlier in the season, showing them in a new light. There's so much to talk about we basically can't stop, and get a little scattershot in the process, but w...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 50: The Return, Part 15

Aug 23 • 01:17:25
This week on Twin Peaks, things are either moving into position as the finale looms, or they are poignantly coming to an end. One Cooper hears a name he hasn't heard in 25 years, and the other Cooper finally asks about Judy, while Margaret Lanterman says a devastating goodbye, Ed and Norma finally get together and Nadine digs herself out of the shit. The end is very close!

Twin Peaks Rewatch 49: The Return, Part 14

Aug 18 • 01:20:28
It was a jam-packed, breakneck episode of Twin Peaks this week, full of new connections and long-awaited revelations, standout performances all around, dreams that seamlessly blinked 25 years into the past, and a guy with a green glove that gives him super strength in one arm. In Part 14 we were served a cocktail of Twin Peaks past and present, where good and bad mix up an...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 48: The Return, Part 13

Aug 9 • 01:09:06
Twin Peaks refuses to get stuck in a rut, but may be stuck in time. Or maybe time has lost all meaning? It's hard to tell right now. Sarah Palmer watches the same few seconds of television on loop, while Audrey loses herself in an existential conversational spiral, and Ed and Norma can't ever seem to get started at all. Also Cooper punches someone out of his chair. Just be...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 47: The Return, Part 12

Aug 3 • 54:21
Though the map is both figuratively and literally starting to center on Twin Peaks, this week we're all over the place. After some fantastic moments with the FBI, Ben Horne, Sheriff Truman, and Sarah Palmer, Audrey makes her long-awaited return, seemingly to bombard us with names and relationships we can barely grasp. Who is Tina and what did she say? Where's Billy? Is Chu...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 46: The Return, Part 11

Jul 25 • 01:05:55
Twin Peaks is firing on all cylinders this week, as the tonal hallmarks of The Return mesh with some absolute standout moments from longtime series regulars and newcomers alike. We had a great time watching and considering this episode, and we hope you did too.

If you have a question for us or thoughts to share on the new season of Twin Peaks, write us at twinpeaks@idlethum...

Twin Peaks Rewatch 45: The Return, Part 10

Jul 19 • 54:53
Twin Peaks dives deep into the uncomfortable and painful, at a very human level this week, and we do our best to talk through it all. Fortunately, in addition to a cavalcade of very dangerous, very bad people doing unconscionable things, Albert goes on a date and seems to have a great time. Join us in discussing Twin Peaks The Return, Part 10.

If you have a question for us ...

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