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A true crime podcast.If you listen carefully, even the words of liars will tell you the truth.Turned Up Dead is an independent true crime podcast with a slight focus on the language used during crimes, investigations, and trials.Support Turned Up Dead

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The Murders of Sumarti Ningsih and Seneng Mujiasih

Oct 31 • 26:06

In the early hours of November 1, 2014, British resident, Rurik Jutting, called the police three times to report that something had happened in his apartment on the 31st floor. At one point he claimed that special forces were surrounding him and at 3:42 am, he asked for police to come and investigate....

Did The Husband Do It?

Sep 30 • 43:44

Content warning: This episode mentions suicide and the death of an unborn baby....

Bonus: Christopher Vaughn's Remembered Account

Sep 5 • 14:34

Lynne Trenholm

Aug 29 • 36:55

Around 9:45pm on Sunday June 9 1991, a cleaner entered an upstairs room of Pinky's massage parlor in Boughton, Chester....

Ronald Platt

Jul 29 • 51:35

On July 28, 1996, John Copik, a fisherman of 30 years, and his son Craig, were 6 miles off the coast of Teignmouth, a picturesque town in the south-west English county of Devon. After two disappointing hauls, the father and son had taken their trawler further out to an area that wasn’t often fished known as the roughs....

Anthony, Daniel, Gabriel & Jack

Jun 24 • 54:46

On the cool cloudy morning of Saturday 20th September 2014, Barbara Denham was taking her border collie, Max, on his daily walk in Barking, East London. They walked through a gate and into the grounds of St Margaret's Church, as they would usually do but it was then that Barbara noticed a slim young man sitting, sort of propped up, against the churchyard wall. As she got c...

The Assassination of Thomas Gilbert Sr

May 28 • 01:02:16

In the afternoon of Sunday January 4th 2015, a woman dialled 911 from her stylish Manhattan apartment. She calmly gave the address, the cross streets, the apartment number and floor, and then when asked what the emergency was she replied, 'My husband is, I think dead.'...

The Brighton Trunk Murders

Apr 14 • 46:23

On the afternoon of Sunday 17 June, William Vinnicombe and James Lelliot were working in the left luggage room of Brighton train station on the south coast of England. It was the beginning of summer and with little fresh air circulating the room, the men had been trying to locate the source of an increasingly offensive smell. Around 4pm, they came across a new-looking, but...

The Callous Murder of Aaron-Pajich Sweetman

Mar 19 • 40:54

In a supermarket in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, employee Matthew was stacking shelves on his first day back at work after a holiday when his supervisor, Jemma Lilley, approached him. 'I did it,' she told him. When he inquired what she had done. Jemma Lilley replied, 'I did it - I killed someone.'...

The Calculated Murder of Joanne Nelson

Feb 13 • 38:55

When detective superintendent Ray Higgins saw Paul Dyson's image appear on the tv screen, he must have felt somewhat surprised because he had no idea that Dyson, the fiance of the woman whose disappearance he was currently investigating, was going to give the appeal that he was currently watching live on his local news channel......

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